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My Mom
By Julia Gay
6th Grade, Wiley Middle School

Essay Question: What woman has been your role model? What qualities do you admire about her? How has she affected your life?

For most of my life I have looked up to my mom. She has been a great mother to me, and has earned the title of my role model.

I have inherited many great qualities and traits from my mom, which have helped me. I admire how she is able to be so many things at once. For instance, my mom can be pleasant, funny, intelligent, loving, caring, helpful, persistent, involved (with my school and other after school activities), supportive, and much more.

Ninety-percent of her qualities are great and the other 10% makes her the greatest parent ever. This is because the 10% make her imperfect and some of them are just mother traits, such as strictness.

She shows me that no one is perfect. Seeing her not perfect taught me that not being perfect is OK.

My mom has made my life 110% better. Of course she has fed me, clothed me, and sheltered me, but she has done much more. She is proud of me and thoroughly encourages me to give it all I've got. If I get a bad grade on something she won't get mad unless I didn't give it my best.

My mom helps me with my homework and is happy to quiz me before at test. She is always there for me in tough situations and is there to celebrate my victories. Never has my mom been afraid to stand up for me when I need her.

I could think of her as a "Super Mom." "The one who faces a problem or challenge and solves it, no matter how long it takes!"

There are endless ways to describe my mom and if I list all those ways it would cover numerous pages of writing! So what am trying to say is that I couldn't have (or even have asked for) for a better mom. She is my role model.

During the month of March, Wiley Middle School in University Heights celebrated Women's History Month. The program was sponsored by Reaching Heights, a organization in the Cleveland Heights area. Students were given the option to enter an essay competition.

2nd Prize Winner: Julia Gay

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