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set in the
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RIP Great Lakes Troubador Pat Dailey

Pat Dailey passed away at home on July 3, 2024. He was 83. Pat was called the Jimmy Buffet of the North and played for decades in Put-in-Bay and other northern Ohio venues in the summer and in Key West Florida in thwe winters.

If you've ever heard a Pat Dailey song, you have had a taste of the very heart of summer in northeast Ohio. What Clevelander can't relate to Pat's lament "Winter was a bummer"? Once you've seen him perform, you are a fan for life eagerly awaiting his next appearance. Maybe you like to sing along to classics: "Put-in-Bay, we're going to have a GOOD TIME" or "You better get your ass to Cleveland, cause the best things in life are here." (Who doesn't love a song that mentions Dorothy Fuldheim, Ralph Perk and others?)

Maybe you prefer to kick back and listen to his hauntingly beautiful tales of the Great Lakes. Either way, you will never forget a Pat Dailey concert. You can't say that about too many performers and we were fortunate to have Pat Dailey - singer, songwriter and traveling musician - as a part of our summers in Cleveland. RIP Pat.

Pat Dailey relaxing in a Cleveland bar - photo by Debbie Hanson

Pat Dailey relaxing in a Cleveland bar
photo by Debbie Hanson

See Debbie Hanson's profile interview with Pat Dailey

Pan-American Masters Games Special Events

Witness History PanAm Masters games

As you may know, the 2024 Pan-American Masters Games will be the largest international event ever in Cleveland. They have only been in the Western Hemisphere twice before - in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Vancouver, Canada. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience in our hometown.

The 2024 Pan-American Masters Games is a multisport event drawing thousands of athletes and spectators from more than 50 countries! They will be held from July 12-21, 2024. A major event of the International Masters Games Association, the Games offer an opportunity to showcase your competitive spirit and athletic ability on a global stage. Join thousands of athletes from around the world in a celebration of health, vitality, friendship and an active lifestyle at any age. Featuring athletes from more than 50 countries, participants will compete in 24 medal-contending sports which include track and field, tennis, basketball and cycling.

See the complete schedule of events but there are many Special Events that you will want to plan on now. Here are a few. Note - some of the events require paid or free tickets in order to gain entry. Some tickets are limited and available only for registered athletes of the Games. Check out what special events will be taking place in conjunction with the Games and how you can get involved! Make your plans now!

Saturday July 13 Welcome Celebration
5:30 - 9 PM Mall C

Athletes, spectators and community members are all welcome to this event kicking off the week-long celebration of health, vitality, friendship and an active lifestyle at any age. This event will feature an athlete procession by sport, rock & roll music and special presentations. A brief ceremony will be followed by a festival featuring food trucks, vendor booths and activities. The Welcome Celebration is free and open to the public; registered athletes and spectators receive a special gift. More details

Saturday July 20 World on Stage Concert Event
Cleveland Cultural Gardens Centennial Peace Plaza

World on Stage at PAMG

The World on Stage concert and event series takes place at the Centennial Peace Plaza (1051 Martin Luther King Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44108) throughout each summer. This FREE event is hosted by the Cleveland Cultural Gardens and in conjunction with the 2024 Pan-American Masters Games, the July 20 celebration will feature the Kwan Family Lion Dance, PIAST Polish Folk Ensemble, and Djapo Cultural Arts Institute dancers. During intermission, we will dedicate the 24 trees recently planted near Centennial Peace Plaza in honor of the Games and their impact on Northeast Ohio.

All athletes, supporters, and community members are invited to help celebrate the legacy of PAMG and to enjoy an evening of cultural celebrations in one of Northeast Ohio's oldest landmarks. The Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation will be offering a tour of the Gardens at 5:00 p.m., preceding the performance event. The tour will begin at the Italian Garden (990 East Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44108). Food trucks and other entertainment will also be available throughout the evening.

More Details (including free parking)

Sunday July 21 Farewell Celebration
Mall C 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

PanAm Masters Games

Meet us at the finish line! The 2024 Pan-American Masters Games Farewell Celebration will take place on Sunday, July 21, 2024, at the finish line of the Road Race 10K, Half Marathon and Community 5K. This will be our final celebration of health, vitality, friendship and an active lifestyle at any age. Meet one last time with friends, old and new, as we celebrate the end of ten fantastic days of community and competition in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. The Farewell Celebration is free and open to the public; registered athletes and spectators receive a special gift. More Details

Africa & Byzantium - Cleveland Museum of Art

The new exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Africa & Byzantium, considers the complex artistic relationships between northern and eastern African Christian kingdoms and the Byzantine Empire from the fourth century CE and beyond.

Africa and Byzantium exhibit at Cleveland Museum of Art

The first international loan exhibition to treat this subject, the show includes more than 160 works of secular and sacred art from across geographies and faiths, including large-scale frescoes, mosaics, and luxury goods such as metalwork, jewelry, panel paintings, architectural elements, textiles, and illuminated manuscripts.

Diptych with Twelve Apostles and Saint Paul, c. 1700 - Ethiopia

Diptych with Twelve Apostles
and Saint Paul, c. 1700 - Ethiopia

See photos and video and more from Africa and Byzantium

Fun with Maps - Byzantium

The Byzantine Empire (Byzantium), also referred to as the Eastern Roman Empire, was the continuation of the Roman Empire centered in Constantinople during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Three centuries after the pharaohs of ancient Egypt ended their rule, new African rulers built empires in the northern and eastern regions of that continent. Spanning from the Empire of Aksum in present-day Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Yemen to the Christian kingdoms of Nubia in present-day Sudan, these complex civilizations cultivated economic, political, and cultural relationships with one another.

During most of its existence, the empire remained the most powerful economic, cultural, and military force in the Mediterranean world.

This episode shows a lot of maps of Byzantium at different dates to show how it grew and then was reduced to nothing. We also show some maps and items from the Cleveland Museum of Art's newest exhibition called Africa & Byzantium. It consists of nearly 160 works of secular and sacred art from across geographies and faiths.

See more Fun with Maps episodes

French Cultural Garden Ribbon Cutting

French American Chamber of Commerce board members and other guests visited the site of the French Cultural Garden for an official ribbon cutting ceremony on April 7, 2024.

French Cultural Garden official ribbon cutting

French Cultural Garden official ribbon cutting

The event included speeches from the Garden leaders, architect and more telling about the past, present and future of the French Cultural Garden.

Photos and videos of the presentations and ribbon cutting

Scottish Tartan Day in Scottish Cultural Garden

Members of the Scottish Cultural Garden in Cleveland Ohio hosted their first annual Tartan Day celebration on April 6, 2024.

Scottish Cultural Garden group photo

Tartan Day group photo

There were games (versions of golf, tam throwing, caber toss, etc.), food and of course bagpipe music. Watch this short video of Scotland the Brave by Bruce Greig.

See more from Tartan Day in the Scottish Cultural Garden

Monet in Focus at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Monet in Focus features five paintings by French Impressionist Claude Monet, created during the latter half of the artist’s life when he fully immersed himself in capturing the momentary effects of light and atmosphere on his subjects. The "Monet in Focus" exhibit includes five Monet paintings.

Heather Lemonedes Brown, CMA curator of modern European art

Heather Lemonedes Brown,
CMA curator of modern European art

See more from the Monet in Focus exhibit

Greek Independence Day Celebration - March 30, 2024

Greater Cleveland is the home of over 20,000 Americans of Greek heritage, and the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church is the oldest church, or mother church of Greek Orthodoxy in the area. The linkage of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, celebrated on March 25th, and the Greek Revolution are very sacred to the Greek people, since the church sanctioned the Revolution.

On March 30, 2024, there was a Doxology, church service, at Annunciation Church followed by a Parade and then festivities in the Church hall.

Greek Independence Day group on Annunciation Church steps

Greek Independence Day group on Annunciation Church steps

See more from the Greek Independence Day Celebration

Greek Independence Day Parade

Greek Independence Day was celebrated with a parade and more in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday March 30, 2024 at Annunciation Church in Tremont in Cleveland. Here are some video highlights of the Parade starting with the start of the Parade as they left Annunciation Church and began their march around Lincoln Park and then arrived back at the Church traveling along West 14th Street.

See more from the Greek Independence Day Parade

NCAA Women's Final Four in Cleveland

The NCAA Division I women's basketball tournament, sometimes referred to as Women's March Madness, is a single-elimination tournament played each spring currently featuring 68 women's college basketball teams from the Division I level of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), to determine the national championship.

For the first time, the Final Four weekend was held in Cleveland.

NCAA Women's Final Four in Cleveland banner

In the first matchup, undefeated South Carolina defeated NC State to make the NCAA women's final. Then, Caitlin Clark led an Iowa rally for 71-69 win over UConn to set up the final game. The winner of that game will be the national champion and be awarded the trophy.

NCAA Women's Final Four trophy

NCAA Women's Final Four in Cleveland banner

NCAA Women's Final Four in Cleveland banner

NCAA Women's Final Four in Cleveland banner

Indian Fashion Show

FICA is an organization dedicated to serving the needs of the Asian Indian Community in Northeast Ohio. They hosted a celebration of India's 75th Republic Day at Lotus Banquets with cultural performances, awards, dancing, music and food.

One of the highlights was a Fashion Show featuring ladies in beautiful attire from some of the states of India.

FICA Fashion Show Ladies - Republic Day 2024

FICA Fashion Show Ladies

See photos and videos of the Fashion Show and more

Get Ready for the US Semiquincentennial

Some of us of a certain age may recall some of the events around the nation's Bicentennial in 1976. Remember people painting mailboxes and fire hydrants red, white, and blue? For years before the actual date, there were events, parades, fireworks and many opportunities to learn about and celebrate our history. It's hard to believe but that was 50 years ago! It is now time to plan for and celebrate the 250th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Founding Fathers and the establishment of the United States. It is called the Semiquincentennial but it's a lot easier to just say America-250.

America 250-Ohio logo

See more including a new program at the Western Reserve Historical Society.

Former Slaves Sojourner Truth and Sara Lucy Bagby Johnson

At the Western Reserve Historical Society on February 8, 2024 there were reenactments by two talented women from Women In History Ohio.

Sojourner Truth and  Sara Lucy Bagby Johnson actors

Sojourner Truth and Sara Lucy Bagby Johnson actors
Robin Echols Cooper and Robin Pease

See videos and photos of their performances.

Hale Farm - Life in the 19th Century in the Western Reserve

In 1957, the Western Reserve Historical Society received the Jonathan Hale homestead in Bath, Ohio and now operates the 90 acres of Hale Farm & Village, a living history museum depicting life in the 19th century through agricultural practices and everyday craft and trade demonstrations such as glassblowing, pottery, spinning and weaving, and more.

We spoke with two ladies from Hale Farm dressed in period costumes. They provide a look into daily life on the farm as well as unique demonstrations of 19th century lifeways and skills.

Cleveland neighborhood kids in largest mural in Ohio

There is a long, colorful mural painted along Washington Ave. between West 25th and West 28th in Cleveland as you head down to the West Bank of the Flats. It was designed by Brazilian artist Ananda Nahu. She calls it Kings and Queens of Lakeview Terrace.

In 2026 Cleveland Public Theatre worked with Ananda to create the mural along with Cleveland artists Gary Williams, Robin Robinson, Derrick Quarles and Adam Zimmerman. It is 620' long andrises more than 30 feet above the street below making it the biggest mural in Ohio. You can see the scale by the cars going by in this short video.

Polish Cat Concord Casimir Predicts Cleveland Weather

Since 1969, the famous weather predicting groundhog Punxsutawney Phil has had an abysmal overall accuracy rate of less than 40%. Even flipping a coin will get you 50%. And his Ohio copy, Buckeye Chuck, has been replaced by a stuffed animal. That leaves the orange cat Concord Casimir as the go-to spring forecaster.

Concord Casimir studies the weather maps

Concord Casimir studies the weather maps

John Niedzialek is a Resource Protection Specialist at the Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District and has also taught Earth Science and Meteorology at Lakeland College. Eleven years ago, John found the orange tabby outside St. Casimir Church in Cleveland and annually predicts the weather in the way he eats pierogis.

John says, "Casimir predicts the end of winter by how he eats his pierogi. For example last year the end of winter fluctuated greatly from warm to cold and back and forth after Casimir flipped and flopped his pierogi around. Then the year he made a sloppy mess of it, we ended winter with one sloppy storm after another. We will just have to see what happens!

Concord Casimir will make his forecast again this Friday at High noon. No, he will not be getting up at 6 am like that not so smart critter in Pennsylvania. After all, why would you get up at 6 am when you can eat a pierogi at noon to predict the weather? Niedzialek says, "He works one day out of the year and still complains about it."

Concord Casimir and his  Master, John Niedzialek

Concord Casimir and his Master, John Niedzialek

Casimir has not missed a forecast yet and his Master, John Niedzialek says that it has something to do with where he was found at the church that many say is a miracle story.

Come back to see how the miracle cat does this year.

Favorite Italian Wedding Soup from Casa Dolce Bakery

Both Cleveland101.com and ClevelandCooks.com rely on visitors to suggest their favorite in Cleveland and NE Ohio. Then the staff makes several visits and also samples competing places before making the favorite decision. After lots of tasty sampling we found that we agree with our visitors and declared that Casa Dolce at 5732 Mayfield Rd. in Mayfield Hts. Ohio has our favorite Italian Wedding Soup.

Margie Axelrod, owner of Casa Dolce, stresses the freshness of not only their very popular soups but all their other items including Cassata Cake, homemade Italian cookies and pastries and sandwiches, paninis, salads and more. Our tasters remarked that the Italian Wedding Soup has a flavor reminiscent of their mothers and grandmothers recipes. Watch Margie explain in the video below.

See more Cleveland Favorites, and recommend your own.

Fun with Maps - 1860's Europe

This special episode of Fun with Maps looks at a series of some cool old maps. It's a collection of anthropomorphic maps of European countries produced by a London publisher in the 1860s. Anthropomorphic means the maps have human characteristics. So the maps will be drawn as if they were people. For example, the map of England is drawn as Queen Victoria. Scotland is a bagpiper struggling through the bogs and so on. In this we look at each of the current maps of the country and then look at the cartoon maps from the 1860's for comparison. Each of the drawn maps has a 4 line verse attached to it as well. It's kind of hard to explain but once you see it you will get it.

The maps cover the countries of Denmark, France, Italy, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Russia and the Kingdom of Prussia, which no longer exists. As you will see, a lot has changed both politically and geographically in the last 150 years or so.

See more Fun with Maps

Nela Park GE Lighting Holiday Light Display 2023

Nela Park in East Cleveland, Ohio was the first industrial park in the world and was home to most of the lighting breakthroughs of the last century. Thomas Edison was a founder. Albert Einstein and other notables visited. Dan Hanson was raised in East Cleveland and his family visited the world-famous Christmas lighting display every Christmas season. You used to be able to drive through the campus but in recent years the display is all along Noble Rd.

In this video, Dan takes us on a tour of the 2023 display including the fun, new Gnomes-Ville!.

See more photos of the 2023 Nela Park Christmas Display

Croatian Nativity Display

The Croatian Heritage Museum in Eastlake, Ohio has a beautiful Nativity set on display for the Christmas holiday. Branka Malinar and her late husband Jerry have volunteered for the Croatian Museum and community for over 40 years. One summer before he passed away, Jerry created this traditional Croatian Nativity scene out of papier-mâché. A painting of Zagreb Croatia is in the back and besides the crèche there are other special features such as a Mill and a rotating Kolo circle dance.

Jerry Malinar Croatian Nativity Display

Croatian Nativity Display

See more photos and a video of the Croatian Nativity Display

Association of Asian Indian Women in Ohio

Association of Asian Indian Women in Ohio (AAIWO) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization for Asian Indian women promoting professional development and education through scholarships and cultural outreach programs. Their aim is to foster and support women for personal and professional advancement while providing volunteer opportunities.

AAIWO promotes culture and education while establishing productive social networks for women. AAIWO sponsors multi-cultural activities to promote cultural understanding in our community.

On September 17, 2023 they hosted Children's Day in the India Cultural Garden in Cleveland. Before the cultural performances MC Mahima spoke about AAIWO and introduced AAIWO president Vineetha Jayaram who also spoke.

See more about the Children's Day in the India Cultural Garden

Egyptian Art by Cleveland Woman architect Sahar Makar at Egyptian Festival

The annual Egyptian Festival at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church in Seven Hills Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland) was held August 25-27, 2023. Architect Sahar Makar created a big entrance gate for the Festival which might be seen in Egypt. It took her a month to complete.

Sahar Makar

Sahar Makar

Photos and video of Sahar Makar and the Entrance Gate

Brady-Campbell School of Irish Dance

See more Irish and Celtic Music and Dancing

Clydesdale Horses, Highland Cows, Border Collies, Sheep and more Animals

A variety of animals were on display and/or entertaining at the Ohio Scottish Games and Celtic Festival.

Border Collies herd sheep at Ohio Scottish Games

Border Collies herding sheep

Clydesdale horse in parade

Clydesdale horse in parade

See more animals from the Scottish Games and Celtic Festival

45th anniversary of Murphy Irish Arts

The 45th anniversary dinner/dance of the Murphy Irish Arts Center was held at the Irish American Club East Side in Euclid, Ohio on Saturday June 17, 2023. The Murphy Irish Arts Center is dedicated to preserving Irish culture and the art of Irish Dance and to sharing their heritage with audiences everywhere.

It was founded in 1978 by Sheila Murphy Crawford. Sheila is a Certified Irish Dance Instructor and Adjudicator of An Commissum, the world governing organization of Irish Dance. Besides her commitments to Murphy Irish Arts Center, Sheila is very active in the Cleveland Irish Community, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and the Irish Cultural Gardens.

Bob and Sheila Murphy Crawford

Bob and Sheila Murphy Crawford

Photos and videos from the event including Irish dancing

Thinking of buying an Electric Car for tax the credit?

Sam Tanious

CPA Sam Tanious, who is a former IRS agent/auditor, gives this advice for those thinking of buying an electric vehicle in 2023.

  • Not all electric vehicles and not all car manufacturers qualify. Qualifying vehicles must be assembled in North America.
  • The $7,500 tax credit is all about the battery, has been split into two parts: You get $3,750 if a certain percentage of critical battery minerals were sourced from the U.S. The other $3,750 is dependent on the percentage of battery components manufactured or assembled in the U.S.
  • There are now significant eligibility limits on both the price of the vehicle and the income of the buyer; if either figure is too high, you will not qualify for the tax credit.
  • The new electric vehicle must have an MSRP price cap of $55,000 or less.
  • Buyer income limits are based on modified adjusted gross income and tax filing status. (150K for single, 300K for married filing jointly)
  • Based on the above, you might get the full credit of $7,500 or less than the $7,500 or even Zero. It depends on the vehicle and your tax situation. So please do your homework before you buy.

Have questions? Contact CPA Sam Tanious at 440-991-6864 or e-mail samytaxservices@gmail.com

Funny Mental Fitness Evaluation

This test is to ascertain your mental state now. If you get one right you are doing OK, if you get none right you better go for counseling. (I'll meet you there.)

There are 4 test questions. Don't miss one.

Giraffe Test

1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

Stop and think about it and decide on your answer before you scroll down.


The Correct Answer: Open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe, and close the door. This question tests whether you tend to do simple things in an overly complicated way.

Elephant Test

2. How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?

Did you say, Open the refrigerator, put in the elephant, and close the refrigerator?
Wrong Answer.

Correct Answer:

Open the refrigerator, take out the giraffe, put in the elephant and close the door. This tests your ability to think through the repercussions of your previous actions.

Lion King Test

3. The Lion King is hosting an Animal Conference. All the animals attend... except one. Which animal does not attend?

Correct Answer:

The Elephant. The elephant is in the refrigerator. You just put him in there. This tests your memory.

Okay, even if you did not answer the first three questions correctly, you still have one more chance to show your true abilities.

Crocodile Test

4. There is a river you must cross but it is used by crocodiles, and you do not have a boat. How do you manage it?

Correct Answer:

You jump into the river and swim across. Haven't you been listening? All the crocodiles are attending the Animal Conference. This tests whether you learn quickly from your mistakes. Ha Ha!

Cleveland Woman Sara Lucy Bagby
The last person returned to slavery in the US

The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses established in the US during the early 1800s to help slaves escape into free states and Canada. It was run by abolitionists and others sympathetic to the cause of the escapees. Ohio had many stops on the Underground Railroad and since Canada was an ultimate destination, the short distance across Lake Erie from Cleveland to Canada made the city a popular destination. Cleveland was codenamed Hope on the Underground Railroad.

Restore Cleveland Hope operates the Underground Railroad Interpretive Center in the Cozad-Bates House, the only surviving pre-Civil War building in University Circle. They offer tours and events and it was here that we learned of the story of Sara Lucy Bagby.

Sara Lucy Bagby display at Cozad-Bates House

Sara Lucy Bagby display at Cozad-Bates House

Sara Lucy Bagby was born in the early 1840s in Virginia. On October 3, 1860 Bagby fled from slavery in Wheeling. She eventually escaped slavery via the Underground Railroad and made her way to Cleveland, Ohio.

Her arrest in Cleveland on January 19, 1861 became a test case of the Fugitive Slave Act.

Wheeling resident John Goshorn and his son showed proof of ownership, and the federal court ordered her return to Virginia. Sara Lucy Bagby was the last person in the United States forced to return to slavery in the South under the Fugitive Slave Act.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer and Democrat Party of the US were both pro-slavery so despite the state government's and citizens of Cleveland's attempts to intervene, Lucy was transported back to Goshorn's property in Wheeling, then still part of Virginia.

Cleveland Plain Dealer slavery sign

After the Emancipation Proclamation, Bagby eventually resettled in Cleveland, where she died in 1906 and was buried.

In this video, Kathryn Puckett, Restore Cleveland Hope Board Chair, tells the story of Sara Lucy Bagby.

See more from the Cozad-Bates House in Cleveland

Now my husband thinks he's a chef

Banana Bread

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Air Fryer

Sure, air fryers achieve a satisfyingly crisp finish with just a fraction of the fat, putting a healthier spin on fried foods. But there’s another reason to love your air fryer: the mind-blowing array of exciting new dishes you can add to your everyday repertory.

Air Fryer Tips

Mianbaoxia Shrimp Toasted Sandwich and Teriyaki Beef Jerky Recipes
For your Air Fryer

Try these 2 favorites in your air fryer.

Shrimp Toast

Mianbaoxia Shrimp Toasted Sandwich

Mianbaoxia Shrimp Toasted Sandwich and Teriyaki Beef Jerky Recipes

Mary Murray McCann Memorial tribute

John McCann told some stories about his beloved late mother Mary Murray McCann who came to America alone on a ship in 1952 from Ireland. John says his mother would often state she was "Irish by birth, American by choice and Catholic by grace". That is a good framework in which to remember her life.

Mary Murray McCann

Mary Murray McCann

Read about Mary McCann

Cleveland Women and the Underground Railroad

When we think about the Underground Railroad the first name that comes to most of us is Harriet Tubman. While Tubman was exceptionally heroic, many other women played keys rolls in the efforts to help freedom seekers reach safety. In NE Ohio we have learned the names of men who were property owners, businessmen, judges, lawyers and were activists in the abolitionist movement. Most of them had wives and daughters, sisters and mothers all of whom must have been involved in UGRR efforts.

In what is now University Circle and East Cleveland families named Cozad, Ford and McIlrath owned and farmed great swaths of land, operated a gristmill, owned a brickyard and ran a tavern. We know that many freedom seekers sought food and shelter in what was then rural sparsely populated farmland, as they headed to freedom across Lake Erie.

Cozad-Bates House

In the 19th century women could not own land or vote. They lived in the legal shadow of their husbands and their lives were played out in private. But the role women played in each household was essential not only for the survival of each family but also for the secret activities of the UGRR.

Restore Cleveland Hope’s historian and Board member, Wrean Fiebig, in her tireless research has recovered the names of the women in these families who most certainly played a vital role in the UGRR. Volunteers from Restore Cleveland Hope will guide you through time and answer your questions. It is open to the public every Saturday from Noon-4 PM. No Charge, No tickets. Just come and learn about this important time in Cleveland’s history. Come in through the back door and be sure to explore the historic markers in the newly landscaped grounds around the house. More information.

Jessica Davis - Cleveland Women Entrepreneur

Rebuilders Xchange (RBX) buys and sells construction material from ordinary to extraordinary. RBX is in the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood in an organized, 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse. It may not be the first business you think of for a woman entrepreneur but it was a dream of founder Jessica Davis and she made it happen.

In this video, Jessica tells the vision behind the project - reusing and repurposing construction materials, bringing wealth to the people of the neighborhood, keeping things out of the landfills and so on. She tells what it's like being a woman in a non-traditional industry. Ron tells of the jump from pipe fitter and welder to starting 16 IT and tech companies and now back to making custom pieces and design in the Fab Lab metal and wood shop in the Rebuilder's Xchange.

See more of Jessica and RBX's story

Trucking and Human Trafficking

Victims of human trafficking find themselves forced or coerced into engaging in specific types of labor or commercial sex acts without their consent. Often, human trafficking remains a hidden crime. Victims fear their abusers as well as law enforcement and suffer such significant trauma that they struggle to reach out for help.

Human trafficking impacts people across genders, races, and ages. Anyone can be a victim of human trafficking, and all too often, that victimization occurs in the shadows. Human trafficking traps an estimated 24.9 million people–64% are exploited for labor, while sexual exploitation accounts for an estimated 19% of human trafficking.

The Lanier Law Firm has prodcued an excellent resource to explain Human Trafficking and How to Report Human Trafficking if You Think You See It.

The ClevelandWomen.com Resource Page also has information about Domestic Violence, Rape and Sexual Assault and more.

Violence at Home Signal for Help

Isolation can increase the risk of violence at home. Use this discrete gesture during a video call to show you need help:

  1. Hold hand up with palm facing other person.
  2. Tuck thumb into palm.
  3. Fold fingers down over thumb.

Violence at Home signal for help

A missing teenage girl was rescued in the US after using a hand gesture that signals distress or domestic violence to capture the attention of a passing driver. The 16-year-old was spotted travelling inside a silver Toyota near London, Kentucky, about 150 miles south-east of Louisville, on November 4th. A driver called police after noticing "a female passenger in the vehicle making hand gestures that are known on the social media platform TikTok to represent violence at home - I need help - domestic violence," the Laurel County Sheriff's Office said in a statement on 6 November.

Good idea

Sign for women in bar

Murder in the Cultural Gardens

"It just didn’t seem right to DJ. A body found bludgeoned in a place known for “Peace through Mutual Understanding.” But there she was, crumpled behind a bust of composer Franz Liszt in the Hungarian Cultural Garden. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed 911. “What is the nature of your emergency?” the dispatcher queried. With a suddenly very dry mouth DJ managed to get out, “There’s been a murder in the Cultural Gardens.”

That's the beginning of the recently published first novel by Dan Hanson.

Murder in the Cultural Gardens book cover - Franz Liszt statue

The whodunit, titled Murder in the Cultural Gardens, takes place in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens and all 30+ gardens are featured during the mystery. You may even recognize some of the characters.

Click the link above to learn more or to purchase in paperback or Kindle version from Amazon. Or contact Dan via the Murder in the Cultural Gardens webpage to have a signed book delivered.

The Truth can Hurt

Male mannequin

Modern Wedding

Facebook wedding

Wisdom of the Chalkboard

I am woman chalkboard

Chalkboard - be who you needed

Are you a Foodie?

If so, check out a preview of the new ClevelandCooks.com

ClevelandCooks is geared toward:
  • Chefs
  • Home cooks and wannabe chefs
  • Foodies
  • People who like to dine out and try new things
  • Food industry entrepreneurs
  • And more

Cooking shows as sports

ClevelandWomen.Com Book of the Week
The Girl on the Train

The #1 New York Times Bestseller, USA Today Book of the Year, now a major motion picture starring Emily Blunt. The debut psychological thriller that will forever change the way you look at other people's lives.

Intersecting, overlapping, not-quite-what-they-seem lives. Jealousies and betrayals and wounded hearts. A haunting unease that clutches and won’t let go. All this and more helps propel Paula Hawkins’s addictive debut into a new stratum of the psychological thriller genre. At times, I couldn’t help but think: Hitchcockian. From the opening line, the reader knows what they’re in for: “She’s buried beneath a silver birch tree, down towards the old train tracks…” But Hawkins teases out the mystery with a veteran’s finesse. The “girl on the train” is Rachel, who commutes into London and back each day, rolling past the backyard of a happy-looking couple she names Jess and Jason. Then one day Rachel sees “Jess” kissing another man. The day after that, Jess goes missing. The story is told from three character’s not-to-be-trusted perspectives: Rachel, who mourns the loss of her former life with the help of canned gin and tonics; Megan (aka Jess); and Anna, Rachel’s ex-husband’s wife, who happens to be Jess/Megan’s neighbor. Rachel’s voyeuristic yearning for the seemingly idyllic life of Jess and Jason lures her closer and closer to the investigation into Jess/Megan’s disappearance, and closer to a deeper understanding of who she really is. And who she isn’t. This is a book to be devoured. -Neal Thompson

The Girl on the Train: A Novel

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pattern of repeated physical, sexual and emotional violence and behaviors that one person in a relationship uses to exercise power and control over the other. Cleveland and Northeast Ohio have many resources for victims of domestic violence.

Main Domestic Violence Page including:

  • What is domestic violence?
  • Why do partners abuse?
  • Are you in an abusive relationship?
  • Domestic Violence Emergency Help

Domestic Violence and Children

Domestic Violence and Immigrants

Housing Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence

Civil Protection Orders for Victims of Domestic Violence

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    How about something for the Cleveland foodie on your list?

    The Cleveland Cooks Cookbooks are packed with hundreds of the best recipes from Cleveland people. Volume 1 is sold out but there are special offers for Volume 2 and 3.

    Cleveland Cooks Cookbook offer.

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