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Times of Your Life

As we grow, we experience so many different things. In a sense, we are very different women, depending on what age we are and what circumstances we may be in.

This section will allow you to choose which area you see yourself in and read and contribute with others in that space.

Of course many more mature women may be interested in the Pre-teen area to learn what their granddaughters may be feeling and vice verse.

Feel free to browse for whatever woman you feel like today!

Pre-Teen and Tweens
Meet and chat with Alpal and Lulu. Both are 11 years old and have a lot of interests. They want to hear from you.

The teen years. Not a kid, not an adult. It can be an awkward time. Meet and chat with 17 year-old Tara and ask a question (anonymously!) of Rachael.

College Years
Whether you go to college or not, the time after high school - but before you get serious into family and career - is an interesting time. Meet 21 year old Michaella and others in your age group

Early Career and Family
Starting a Career. Starting a Family. Maybe both! How exciting - and maybe a little scary. Learn from experts and your peers how to get started right.

Not a Kid Anymore
Maria, Claire and others are in their 30's and 40's. They've been through a lot - without losing their spirit - and are sharing it with us.

Empty Nest & Beyond
The calendar says you are now a "mature woman." Does that sound like you? Read and share with others who don't believe the calendar either.

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