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Helen Mugridge

Helen Mugridge went to heaven Saturday June 16, 2007. She has met her maker and daily companion in person.

Helen would have been married 69 years in two days; she would have been 90 in two months but she was anxious to see God and couldn't wait.

Helen is my son-in-law, Tom's, mother which makes us share the mother-in-law title. I never saw her a lot on the daily basis but I will miss her deeply.

She was a good woman; raised six children, was active in her church and community till recent years when age and ailments reared their ugly heads. She and her husband Ed were a very close and loving couple.

They always looked out for their children but still maintained a life of their own.They loved to travel, especially to California to see their daughter and her family.

Five years ago, when they decided to get a home all on one floor they called Tom and said come see the house we just bought. They made their own decisions and didn't need the approval of everyone.

I never knew Helen until Pat and Tom got engaged. I remember her on their wedding day thirty years ago in a beautiful yellow dress and her black hair with waves of silver. She spoke softly and had a lovely smile.

She was a beautiful woman who carried herself tall. She had a commanding appearance, a sweet and caring nature, and a beautiful smile. She was never a demanding or pushing mother-in-law.

Helen and Ed Mugridge on their 65th anniversary

Helen and Ed Mugridge on their 65th anniversary

The only times I saw her were at events, like luncheons or parties. It wasn't until she got a computer that we started to send jokes and notes back and forth. It was at that time that I got to know Helen as a person.

About four years ago, my knees were acting up and the doctor was pushing for me to get surgery (he is still pushing). I said I had to wait until I found a one floor home (that has been my excused for about 20 years). Helen and Ed both invited me to come and stay with them.

They had an extra bedroom and if I didn't like it, I could have either of their rooms and stay as long as I liked. I will never forget that offer. You don't find people like that very often (still haven't got the surgery).

Helen and Ed Mugridge on their 66th anniversary

Helen and Ed Mugridge on their 66th anniversary
- June 18, 2004

Through the years, I always knew Helen had a close connection to God. When ever we needed prayers Pat (my daughter) would tell her and she always would say, "I pray for them everyday but will add more."

I found out that when we needed special prayers Helen would make a nine hour novena to the Infant of Prague. This took up the entire day. I could hardly believe it!

I am surprised how much I miss Helen. Like I said, we were never close. Or maybe we were. Not in sight but always there in mind.

My daughter was very lucky to get a mother and father in law like Helen and Ed. And we were very lucky to come in on her coat tails.

Ed and Helen Mugridge in a porch swing

This week I made a nine hour novena and I kept thinking of Helen and knowing she was making it along with me.

What the world needs is more Helen and Ed Mugridges.

By Pat Hanson

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