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2013 Go Red for Women
February 22, 2013

Almost 1000 women dressed in red joined together at the Renaissance Hotel to support the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women Campaign.

MC Monica Robbins

MC Monica Robbins

In addition to a heart healthy lunch there was the opportunity to talk to members of University Hospital and Cleveland Clinic to discuss heart and general health issues, participate in health screenings and bid on fabulous auction items.

There were speakers highlighting why they go red. "I Go Red for my daughter." "I Go Red for my mother." "I Go Red for my wife." "I Go Red for women everywhere." Inspiring stories of successful intervention, surgeries and treatments captivated the room and made everyone reconsider some of their own life choices.

Judy Bessler, 2013 Passion Speaker

Judy Bessler, 2013 Passion Speaker

In this short video, Kelly Maroun of University Hospitals showed implantable cardiac defibrillators.

There was also some fun fashion and lifestyle exhibits and goodies. See fashion advice from Go Red including Permanent Makeup and Hair Mistakes.

Cleveland's Go Red program is in the top three in the nation! It is a winning combination of the finest medical care and the concerned, strong supporters that makes Cleveland so Heart-healthy and Heart-wise.

You probably remember some training on a Resusci Anne manikin complete with chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. In recent years the American Heart Association has said that hands-only CPR — rapid, deep presses on the victim’s chest until help arrives — works just as well as standard CPR for sudden cardiac arrest in adults. “You only have to do two things. Call 911 and push hard and fast on the middle of the person’s chest,” said Dr. Michael Sayre, an emergency medicine professor at Ohio State University who headed the committee that made the recommendation.

The target goal for chest compressions per minute is 100 which corresponds to the 1977 disco hit by the BeeGees 'Stayin' Alive.'

So after calling 911, push hard and fast along to the rhythms of the song until help arrives.

In this video clip, Matt Sheehan of University Hospitals EMS Training and Disaster Preparedness Institute showed the basics of CPR for heart attack victims. He also showed the portable auto electronic defibrillator which is becoming more popular in many locations.

Calling 911 is essential. After that, most experts agree that doing something is better than doing nothing. So even if you haven't taken a CPR class, the deep, rapid chest compressions can help someone to Stay Alive.

Enjoy these images from Go Red for Women Cleveland 2013.

Firemen at Go Red for Women

Firemen (need we say more?)

Anne Mooney

Anne Mooney with picture of cousin Beth Mooney

Alison Hoit - Cleveland Clinic

Alison Hoit of Cleveland Clinic

Briana Biello and Megan Wisnieski of Lavish Color Salon

Briana Biello and Megan Wisnieski of Lavish Color Salon

Giuliana Montagnese, Samantha Zampatti, Maziam Girodini of Jia Li Salon and Spa

Giuliana Montagnese, Samantha Zampatti and
Miriam Giardini of Jia Li Salon and Spa

Jeffrey Embleton, Chair, American Heart Association Cleveland

Jeffrey Embleton, Chair, American Heart Association Cleveland

Got Heart Dancers

Got Heart Dancers "Stayin' Alive"

Got Heart Dancers Stayin' Alive

Kelly Maroun  of UH

Kelly Maroun of UH

Lindsay Silverstein

Lindsay Silverstein, Cleveland Go Red For Women

Matt Sheehan of University Hospitals

Matt Sheehan of University Hospitals

ed rogowski, Kyle Mitchell, Matt Stem and Darren Clemente of TCP (techincal Consumer Products

Ed Rogowski, Kyle Mitchell, Matt Stem and Darren Clemente
of TCP (Techincal Consumer Products)

Anne Mooney, Stacie Schmidt, Kristy Brown, barb Daniels and Sali McSherry

Anne Mooney, Stacie Schmidt, Kristy Brown,
Barb Daniels and Sali McSherry

Monica Robbins singing

Monica Robbins singing

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