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Nothing but Net
with Megan Jarrett

It's been a good week to be a Cavs fan! Now 5-2, the Cavs haven't lost a game since last Saturday's defeat in New Orleans.

I can now officially say I'm feeling confident in our team and I think we've finally found a rotation that really works for us. Our guys are getting used to each other and are back in the swing of things, and it's looking bright for the season ahead!

The week began in Dallas with a crushing win of 100-81. Lebron, the high scorer in all games this week, had 29 points, followed by Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who's been quite a scoring star so far this year, with 17. Newcomer Mo Williams and Delonte West each contributed 14, and Wally Szczerbiak had 10. Ben Wallace had 13 rebounds, followed by Zydrunas Ilgauskas with 11.

The week continued with a 107-93 win against the Bulls at the Q on Wednesday. Delonte West showed off his new hairstyle (loved it, by the way) and also his A-game, as he scored 16 points, second only to Lebron, who peaked at 41 points during both games against the Bulls this week. Big Ben had a season high 14 rebounds, followed by Z who had a double-double with 10 rebounds and 15 points.

The Cavs clinched a close win of 111-107 against the Pacers at home on Friday, with many thanks to this week's star performer, Anderson Varejao. Scoring only 11 points in the first three games, I thought he might be in for a bit of a slump this year, but the past four games have gotten me to believe that Andy's an invaluable asset to the team at this point in time.

Andy's amazing fourth quarter and 18 points on Friday night was one of the major factors in the narrow win against the Pacers. So was Mo William's season high 21 points. Mo's finally coming into his own in Cleveland, and I think soon we'll be seeing him closer to his scoring average of the past two season of 17 more frequently. Z, once again, was a high scorer with 17.

The Cavs defeated the Bulls in Chicago once again on Saturday, 107-96. Lebron led with in scoring with 41 and had a double-double with 13 rebounds. He was followed by Z with 16 points and Andy with 13. Ben Wallace scored a season high of seven points.

One concern I have so far this year is that I feel like we haven't seen the best of Boobie Gibson. He's scored a high of only 8 points so far this season and I think he's capable of a lot more. Also, we haven't seen too many of those famous threes yet.

Z is currently the team's best three-point shooter, but I think we'll see that stat switch back to Boobie as the season goes on. Boobie hasn't seen as much play this season due to the new rotation, but as time goes on, he'll definitely become one of our MVP's.

Unfortunately, the new lineup is leaving out some old favorites and some new arrivals. Sasha Pavlovic, who's been on the team since 2004 and was a major player in the 2006 playoffs, barely saw 10 minutes of playing time this week. With a few good blocks that helped cinch the win against the Pacers, Sasha proved that he's still an asset to the team, but with Wally and Delonte playing so well right now, there's not much need for Sasha in the rotation unless an injury occurs.

Newcomers Tarence Kinsey and Lorenzen Wright and rookie JJ Hickson haven't seen very many minutes either. I'd like to see these guys play more, just to see what they can offer the team. I think all of them have a lot of potential and it's good to know that there's depth in the Cavs bench.

What do we have to look forward to this week? Three home games, always great because we tend to play better at home. On Tuesday we'll face the Bucks, who are 3-4 so far and on Thursday we'll play Denver, who are 2-3 but have stars like Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups.

The week will end against Utah, who are number 1 in the Northwest Division at 5-1, on Saturday. That should be our toughest game as we go up against former Cavalier Carlos Boozer and his team.

Hopefully, we'll have another week like this one and we can once again celebrate another week of wins! Any thoughts? I'd be happy to hear them!!!

Have a good week, go Cavs!

-Megan J

Send me your comments and questions.

Go Cavs!

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