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Hair Care
Brush Too Much?

Is it possible to brush my hair too much?

If your hair is fragile, excessive brushing isn't good. You know you have fragile hair if it's dry and doesn't reflect light.

You can also take the "elasticity test:" Break off one strand and pull it between your fingers. Hair that can't stretch one third of its length without breaking is fragile.

If you have healthy hair, brushing will distribute its oils, producing a natural sheen, but it won't make your hair grow faster. Don't brush your hair when it's wet.

Here are some of the different kinds of brushes:

  • Natural/boar bristles: Give an even amount of attention to hair when blow-drying; almost impossible to get strands tangled in them.
  • Nylon/plastic bristles: Best for controlling and detangling curly or long hair.
  • Paddle-shaped: Ideal for long, one-length, or shoulder-length hair, because they cover a lot of space evenly.
  • Round: When used for blow-drying, adds body -- like a hair curler -- to virtually any style, especially good for bob cuts.
  • Vent-shaped: Good for those on the go; the holes in the base allow air to pass through to speed drying time; also adds volume to longer hair.
  • Wire bristles: Save these for the pros; they snag hair much too easily.

If you prefer combs, choose from the two basic kinds: wide and narrow tooth. The further apart the teeth, the more texture and separation you'll create in hair. A narrow comb -- where the teeth are packed close together -- gives you a smooth look.

By Jim Scott

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