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The Road to Happiness:
Connecting Home with Work

What makes happiness? Some might say money; others may think it's all about material luxuries. However, studies are showing that real happiness revolves around the family.

A recent CBS article showed that strong family ties are a much bigger predictor of contentment. The "quality of family relationships" is much more vital in today's society, the article states.

I take home and family, and combine it with work. There is no happiness like that achieved by being able to work while having the opportunity to spend quality time with your family. That is one reason I became a lia sophia Jewelry Advisor.

Lia sophia has been providing that 'luxury' for families across the nation for many years now. And, with Happiness Happens Month, I think all of us Advisors can attest to how it has made a difference in our lives. Being able to work is crucial for many of us - and so is having a strong relationship with our families.

Lia sophia, an industry-leading direct selling company that sells fashion jewelry, provides a way for people to work with a flexible schedule in order to leave sufficient time for home responsibilities or other obligations. In addition, its focus is on outstanding services to its sales force: Hostesses and Customers.

Lia sophia offers a wide array of jewelry selections through in-home demonstrations and connects women to their dreams by offering Advisors, Hostesses and Customers an extensive line of high-quality products and an unparalleled opportunity to own their own business.

The great thing about working with lia sophia is that the company takes great pride in helping people and providing them with the opportunity to make their dreams come true - whether it be to make new friends, earn a little extra to pay off debt or take those vacations you long for - all while being able to work with a flexible lifestyle.

A strong connection to family is definitely a contributor to happiness, but, 'happiness happens' also when individuals can follow their own personal dreams that will lead them to that road towards their own happiness."

For over 30 years, lia sophia Advisors have been achieving their personal and financial goals by sharing exceptional style and quality in fashion jewelry with Hostesses and Customers across America.

For more information about lia sophia, contact Natalie Seifried at www.liasophia.com/sites/natalieseifried.

In this column, Natalie will help us learn about jewelry - what pieces to wear and how to wear them.

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