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Dream Along With Me
Goal setting for a year
beyond your wildest dreams!
by Coach Joelle

With a new year comes a fresh start, the promise of new beginnings, and the perfect time for dreaming.

What is a dream but a thought about what could be. If you look around, what do you see? A building, coffee mug, piece of furniture, the city you live; they all started as someone's dream.

Your favorite song started as someone's dream.

The airplane started as someone's dream.

That fabulous blouse you own, the one every one ooos and aahs about… yep, started as a dream.

You each have dreams for your life, your family, your business. Dreams of the person you can be and the difference you can make.

Contrary to what some say, dreaming is not just idle fantasy. Dreaming is the beginning of all things. With clear intention and specific action, your dreams can come true.

So ladies, as you launch this fresh new year….are you ready to dream?

Settle in, clear the schedule, grab a fuzzy blanket, get your favorite mug of coffee and dream along with me.

Step 1 - Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an executive or a stay at home mom, you have things to celebrate.

Before you charge down a new path, take a moment to celebrate what you have already created.

Action: Write a list of your accomplishments from the past year, big and small.

  • Include accomplishments in all areas of your life - health, family, business, spiritual, new experiences, and personal milestones.
  • Take a moment to let it all sink in and give yourself a pat on the back.

Step 2 - Clear the way.

Before you can get clear on what the year will bring, you may need to first clear some clutter out of the way. I am not talking about cleaning out your closets or organizing the garage (although those are great ideas as well). What I am suggesting is that you first clear your head.

After thousands of hours of coaching, I can say with confidence that the #1 thing standing between you and your dreams is your own thinking about what you can't do and why you cannot do it. It's time to clear the way for your dreams.

Action: Let go of…

  • what you think you cannot have.
  • what you think you could never accomplish.
  • what others have told you, you could never be.

In fact…for right now, let it all go. Yes EVERYTHING!

(Ahhhh, see, it gets nice and quiet when you clear out all that mental chatter.)

Now you have that great big space to create in, let's fill it up with your dreams

Step 3 Ready. Set. Dream!

Whatever you are moved and inspired to create in your life, those desires are there for a reason. Following your dreams is the path to joy and fulfillment. So let's get dreaming!

Action: Answer the following questions in detail: V

  • If anything were possible for you and your life ….what would you want?
  • Who would you have around you?
  • What would you see out your window?
  • What would you create with your business?
  • How would you spend your days?

Write it all down and fill in every detail. Keep working it until you can read what you wrote and it puts a great big smile on your face.

Once you have created this masterpiece, give it the place of honor it deserves. Put it somewhere that will demand your attention. Put it on your bathroom mirror, the door to your office, on the front of a special "personal development" binder. Not a day should go by when you are not reminded of what you have chosen to create.

Need a little inspiration? For examples of other visions visit www.coachjoelle.com/dreambuilder.html

Step 4 The path to your dreams is paved with action:

Action is the key to taking your dreams out of the clouds and rooting them firmly in reality. Your actions do not have to be grandiose, scary or painful they just need to move you forward.

In fact, the most effective actions are usually the ones that follow your interests, come naturally or feel fun to you.

Action: Write down 3-5 things can you do this week to make your visions reality (and do them.).

  • For the next few months schedule 30 minutes every Monday to review your vision, celebrate the week's accomplishments and set 3-5 new actions.
  • For the courageous: Call 1 person who you trust, who believes in your dreams and supports your success and tell them what you will be doing this week. I am not kidding. Go ahead, make the call now.

Make Your Dreams Reality

As you head out into this brave New Year, know that you were never given a dream without the ability to fulfill it. In the months ahead, keep your vision close.

Keep taking action and surround yourself with people that support you and believe in your dreams. Enjoy the ride ladies, it's going to be one heck of a year!

Make your life a work of art, a joyful dance, a grand adventure!


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