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Operation Spa Fridge
by Coach Joelle

Are you one of those people who is constantly on the quest for a strong, healthy body? Do you know all the stuff you should be eating but for some reason you keep opting for the burger and fries instead of the fruits and veggies?

I can relate. While I know the importance of good nutrition and the impact that the food I eat has on my life, so often the block of cheese or bag of chocolate chips is so much more appealing than what I have rotting away in the crisper.

I remember, it was a trip to the spa at Paris Las Vegas that provided the inspiration for my own solution to this particular food dilemma. If you have ever spent a day languishing at the spa or dining at a high-end resort, you will have noticed that somehow, these folks know how to show the beauty and sophistication of fresh, healthy food.

I marveled at how a sliced pear can look so appetizing and how a pile of greens is such a delight when served on a large plate with garnish and a glass of Perrier. They have mastered the art of making healthy eating seem like fun, and even a privilege, with a high price tag none-the-less!

So it was while I was languishing in my robe, munching on the best apple I had ever tasted and drinking the most perfect cup of tea that I thought.... what if I could have the experience of high-end resort spa dining in the comfort of my very own kitchen ?

And voila, Operation Spa Fridge was born!

Imagine, if every time you opened your refrigerator, you were faced with an abundant and vibrant display of fresh fruits and vegetables, salads and snacks ready to throw on a plate or put in a container to take for lunch.

This is essentially the idea of Operation Spa Fridge - to make your refrigerator at home reflect the abundance and pure pleasure of the spa, making fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and small healthy portions of lean meat appealing, easy and accessible.

The Invitation: Create your own Spa Fridge! Head to your favorite beautiful, vibrant grocery store to stock up on life-giving food (I love Whole Foods and Trader Joe's my self)!

Schedule some time to chop everything up into easily eatable portions and be sure to put them in visible containers that scream EAT ME instead of in a dark hidden corner in your crisper.

Try eating little portions off of really big plates and be sure to add garnish whether it be a bit of fresh basil with your fresh tomato or an orange slice on the rim of you glass of Perrier.

Imagine the possibilities and start making your grocery list! Delight in the process of making your refrigerator a work of art! Enjoy!

To your health!!

Coach Joelle

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