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Top 5 Makeup Secrets
(That Professionals Don't Want You to Know)

Ever wonder no matter how hard you try at home or use the most expensive makeup products, you can never get that stunning salon look.

Though it is of great importance to use good quality makeup products, the secret to that head-turning look does not lie in expensive makeup alone, but in the use of the right makeup techniques. reveals the top secret makeup tricks used by professionals to turn every woman into a Diva.

Go Nude for Lips:

If you want to improve the sensuality of your lips without creating a tacky appearance then you may want to try a make up trick used by makeup artists. First apply a neutral tone lip liner to your lips. Then fill in your lips with a neutral lip gloss. This will help make your lips look "juicier" and naturally beautiful.

Pucker Up and Blow:

One problem that women have with dark colored lipstick is that it gets on their teeth. To reduce the chances that this will happen, professionals ask you to do two things.

First of all, after you apply your lipstick place your finger in your mouth, gently close your lips around your finger, and then pull then pull your finger out of your mouth. This will remove the excess lipstick from your lips.

Next blot your lips on a tissue. This makeup tip will help to remove excess lipstick and it will also help to smooth out your lip color.

Fixing Your Nose Asymmetry:

When you look at your nose does it look straight and symmetrical? Professional makeup artists tell you what to do. If you don't like the way that your nose looks you can use makeup to contour its shape.

The best contouring makeup is a foundation that is a shade or two darker then your regular foundation. Apply the darker foundation to the sides of your nose to reduce the perceived bulk of your nose. If you feel that your nose is too bulbous then you can apply a little of the darker foundation to the sides of the tip of your nose to trim it down.

Define Your Lash Line with Eye Shadow:

To create the illusion of a thicker lash line all you need is eye shadow and an angled makeup brush. To start with select a color that either matches your regular eye liner, or that you will be using to line your eyes with.

As you apply your eye shadow around your eye to line it, push the brush into your lash line. This eye makeup tip will help to plump up your lash line and make you look like you have a thicker set of eye lashes.

Create an Illusion of Pronounced Cheekbones:

If you have a round face you can create the illusion of a more slender face shape by defining your cheekbones with blush. To create this illusion you will want to use a darker blush under your cheekbone and a lighter shade of blush to highlight the area of your face directly above your cheekbones.

This makeup trick will create the illusion that you have a thinner face and higher cheekbones than you actually do.

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