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More Makeup Questions Answered
by Erin Parsons

Q. Do you sleep with your makeup on? Is this really bad for you? I am going to go on a trip and share a room with some friends and I hate to have them see me without makeup. Thanks

A. Sleeping with your makeup on is soooo bad for your skin. If you do decide to do this just for the trip, you should get yourself to an esthetician when you come back and get a good facial.

I bet your friends would be just as happy to take their make up off too. Just make a rule - no "without-makeup photos".

Q. How much does your age have to do with your make up color choices?

My children think at my age (68) I shouldn't be wearing bright red lipstick - they want me to tone it down. On the other hand, I think my granddaughter should tone it down because of her age (13).

What's your take on this?

A. They say there are no rules when it comes to makeup, but I do think age plays a huge factor in what will look best on you.

I think at 68, a bright red lipstick may be harsh and actually make you look older. You don't have to let go of red though, just try a sheer and shiny version of the color.

As for a 13 year old, at that age there is so much natural beauty. I don't suggest any form of foundation for teens. Just a soft, sheer lipgloss, blot powder and mascara.

I understand that with all the crazy colors out there at the makeup counters, young girls might want to try and wear a bit more. And makeup should be fun, but teach them that less is more.

Q. Hi Erin. My name is Maya. I am 22 and originally from Singapore. I have trouble using eye makeup because with the shape of my eyes I always look like a cat or something.

It is also very hard for me to find a good foundation - again because of my Asian skin. Can you help me?

A. Hi Maya. Everybody has something that makes them crazy about their features.

I know some women who would love to have the look you are talking about. There is a book called Asian Faces, The Essential Beauty and Makeup Guide for Asian Women. The author is Taylor Chang-Babaian.

I think you should get hold of this book if you can, you'll find lots of good information. Also try any of Kevyn Aucoin's books. This should help.

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