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Updating Your Makeup Look
It's Easier Than You Think
by Wendy Fitos

Every season when I walk around the makeup counters - well in my case it's more like salivating around them - I see the newest colors and wonder what I can buy that will update my makeup kit for the current season and what I should buy than I can use year round.

If you are an impulsive makeup buyer this may be very difficult especially when you see pretty pinks, greens, and peaches during the often, dull, gray winter season.

Fashion magazines are a great place to see what is offered in new colors for the current season. Shop, Allure, Lucky and Glamour magazines offer very detailed makeup ideas featuring what the current trend will be in makeup and often have models done with these looks so you can see the colors and how they look on different skin tones.

Items that are easy to purchase time after time are products are your basic essentials - moisturizer, foundation, concealer, powder, eyebrow color and base eyeshadows. Skin tones don't change unless you tan during the summer so these makeup items needn't change and will give you more time to pick out a few trendy colors that fit with the current season and keep makeup updated.

If the current trend in eyes is bright blue and teal, when you get to the store and have an advisor try them on you, you find that your own eye color has disappeared in a sea of blues. Frustrated, you are ready to walk away thinking that for yet another season there is not a good color for you. NOT TRUE!

When trend colors are applied with soft neutral base colors and to accentuate your eye shape, you will find that your eyes will look beautiful and you will not feel overdone at all!

The same rule applies for blush and lipstick. Many women will tell me that they can't wear red lipstick because they feel too painted just when I am thinking that a red lipstick will brighten the whole face.

There are many hues of reds available from the sheerest tints to the deepest matte and cream colors which make it more comfortable to try a color that may have been intimidating.

Picking out new makeup should be a fun experience as you get to look forward to how your colors will enhance you. Be ready to experiment with new looks that will be in your comfort zone even if you are using a different colors which can make your look more exciting and invigorating for your complexion.

I always like to remind women that we aren't dealing with rocket science or brain surgery and it is okay to try different looks until perfection is achieved.

If you need help updating your makeup or application technique, call esthetician and makeup artist Wendy Fitos. She can be reached at (216) 661-9454 or at MkeupJunki@aol.com for questions. To make an appointment, call (440) 835-2922.

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