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Wendy's Foundation Favorites
by Wendy Fitos

We all love the "Natural" look when it comes to makeup, yet we spend billions of dollars to look natural. Why, you may ask? When it comes to our faces, we are obsessed with every flaw we can see although the people around us never notice.

Foundation, or makeup base, is one of the top five selling makeup products in every age category because we can't look natural if all the flaws aren't covered.

I am always amazed by the amount of women who have many misconceptions about foundation products because all they remember is the pancake, pink and streaky makeup their mothers or grandmothers wore and are waiting for the same fate.

Foundations formulas have come a long way baby! Most cream and liquid formulas are now water based, fragrance free, lacking oil and contain very little pink in their base.

Research shows that due to interracial marriages (which also includes a person of Greek heritage marrying a person of Irish heritage), there are very few humans who don't have a yellow base in their skin which cosmetic companies consider when formulating their foundations.

Mineral powder foundations and pressed powder foundations have become a favorite with women who don't want to use liquids or creams on their skins.

Mineral foundations have found Godlike support in the market as they are advertised in infomercials, beauty magazines as well as professional beauty journals as being the best makeup for severe skin conditions and for the women who wants flawless and light coverage.

While mineral makeup is great for light coverage and a soft sheer finish, severe skin conditions are best covered with oil-free cream and liquid makeup that is set with a sheer translucent powder. Minerals are found in all forms of foundation and the great quality of minerals is that they are inert and won't develop bacterial growth.

Although companies advertise mineral makeup that can be slept in, I still find that skin stays in the best condition when all makeup is removed before bedtime.

Flawless foundation application can be achieved with the following tools:

  • Foundation brushes
  • Non-Latex sponges
  • Q-tips
  • Moisturizer for before application and to mix with color for a sheer tint

Foundation can have many uses including under eye concealer, eyeshadow and lipstick base which is why it is such an essential product to have in your makeup bag.

I would really enjoy hearing other uses that you have found for foundation while applying makeup.

Wendy Fitos is a licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician. She can be reached at Renuvo Salon, 20006 Detroit Road, Suite 203, Rocky River, Ohio 44116 or by calling 440-333-1965. Wendy looks forward to answering any questions via email at wendy@clevelandwomen.com.

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Makeup Expert Wendy Fitos

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