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Caring for Your Feet
Don't let your great new shoes down!
by Wendy Fitos

Like our style expert Kristen, I have a love for shoes that may only be outdone by my love for makeup.

Unfortunately, I need to share that love with my feet in order to make the shoes feel like they found the perfect home. Although caring for the feet is not my specialty, there are a few tips I can share that can make your toes tingle.

1. Getting a professional pedicure at least every 4-6 weeks will ensure that all the dead skin that has built up on the feet is removed and your toes will be filed so the nail is not cutting into your other toes while wearing the sexiest of stilettos.

Most pedicures include a massage that will help stimulate the muscles and nerves in the feet to help them relax and the nail technician will rid the toes of dull cuticles.

2. Use lotion on your feet twice a day to keep the skin soft and protect your feet from the environment. Having to wear tights and panty hose can make the feet dry and irritated.

If lotion is too heavy for your taste, many companies are making foot gels that absorb into the skin but won't leave a greasy feeling.

3. Foot exfoliants can be used easily in the shower and bath to slough off dead skin between pedicures so lotions can absorb deeper into the skin and your feet keep a fleshy, healthy color.

4. If bunions and callouses are an issue, seeing a podiatrist can take years off your feet. Is there anything as sexy as a great strappy shoe and a beautiful callous that sticks out on the side.

Leaving them on the feet can lead to major foot problems and with today's laser technology; the down time you have to spend in tennis shoes is getting shorter.

5. Keep a coat of clear polish on your toes if you are not of fan of color. The clear polish will protect the nails and give a great shine that will enhance the look of the feet.

Wendy Fitos is a licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician. She can be reached at Renuvo Salon, 20006 Detroit Road, Suite 203, Rocky River, Ohio 44116 or by calling 440-333-1965. Wendy looks forward to answering any questions via email at wendy@clevelandwomen.com.

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