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Fashion by Maria

Pins, not safety not straight but as in brooches of a bygone fashion era. They are one of the essential fashion accessories this season. Another being fur, faux or not depending on your sensibilities.

I have been wearing, buying and collecting Pins for 20 years. I started wearing them when I started working professionally and had to wear a suit. If you will recall, in the 80's professional women dressed in suits that were meant to intimidate. The big shoulders and straight lines.

This look wasn't really me although I certainly did it proud down to the silk mini tie tied in a bow under the collar of my white blouse. A pretty pin was the only way to put some dash and individuality into the look.

I bought them at flea markets and department stores. Really, what ever caught my fancy. I also picked up a few at antique sales. I have been lucky enough recently to be given as gifts some beautiful crystal brooches. I pick them up on vacation too. My mother who visits garage sales picks up a few funky ones.

My favorites are by far the stylish practiced designs of the 40's and 50's. But, it's hard to find pins that old that are in good condition and not missing at least few small rhinestones.

That's what is so cool about the resurgence of the Pin in fashion today. Most of the styles are copies of the bright, big rhinestone beauties of the past and they're in perfect shape and affordable. They are meant to compliment the classic suits that are in style now.

These suits are beautiful and are inspired by the feminine and sophisticated suits women wore in the 40' up through the 60's. Now, those were power suits. They could make a woman feel confident in herself as herself, not by imitating men. (Of course, they were also meant to objectify and physically confine women, but that's another topic)

The pins can be worn with whatever you like and I find they compliment just about any blazer or jacket sweater or scarf.

These Pins in so many great colors and designs are found every where. There are better quality ones at Dillards, Nordstroms and Kaufmanns in the $25.00 to $50.00 range but I have bought several that are just perfect with certain outfits for $10.00 to $15.00 at chain stores in the mall.

And of course they will ALL go in sale right before or after the Holidays and whenever the fashion folk say they are out of fashion. So, give something new a try and spice up your look with a small and fun investment.

Maybe 50 years from now some young lady will be delighted to find a pink rhinestone flower pin in perfect shape at a garage sale and marvel at the fashion sophistication of the women of the early 21st century.

They will never be out of fashion for me. I think they will always be apart of my particular take on fashion.

And that's the really exciting aspect of fashion, enjoying it and making parts of it all about you.

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