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Taking the Fear Out of Change, One Nail Color at a Time

Live like your nail color with Mary Foley

Last night I went to a fun gathering on my block. One of my neighbors, Debbie, proudly showed me her painted toenails. They were painted with alternating colors of neon orange and green.

“Aren’t they fun?” she exclaimed! And, of course, they were.

Before I could ask her the names of her toenail colors, she started to tell me about an exercise track in a city park that she uses several times a week. “Oh, and the best part were the guys from the Police Academy.” she continued. “They were out there exercising the other day with their shirts off. Talk about some ripped abs. They were hot! I tell you, the older I get, the hotter they are!”

Lest you think Debbie is old, she isn’t. She’s 54. Fifty-four years old, wearing neon orange and green polish on her toes watching young men crunch their beautiful abs, and loving every minute of it. A woman after my own heart.

I was so absorbed in my own mental image of the cadets that I totally forgot to ask her about the name of her nail polish. But, no matter. I conjured up two nail color names worthy of such a woman and an experience: All Lit Up and Ready to Glow!

In previous articles I shared Step One and Step Two of my four steps to doing your nails and living like your nail color. With each step you are not only taking care of your nails, you’re taking care of you.

Step One is to Get Naked – your nails, that is. Take off old polish, trim, file, push back your cuticles, use a little scrub to exfoliate and then moisturize.

While taking care of your nails, ask yourself: What’s one thing I’ve done recently I feel good about and why? It’s a simple, wonderful way to get back in touch with your true, authentic self.

Step Two of living like your nail color is to Protect Yourself, otherwise known as put some base coat on those naked nails, girlfriend! Base coat can strengthen nails, prevent discoloration from polish, and help reduce chipping, peeling and splitting.

It only takes a few minutes, too, but just enough time to ask yourself: What’s one thing I want in any area of my life – career, business, relationships, health, or well-being. Lily Tomlin said, “I always wanted to be somebody, just wish I had been more specific” so the more specific, the better!

With your nails protected with base coat, you’re ready for Step Three – Pick a Polish on Purpose.

But don’t grab just any color and don’t automatically reach for the same ol’ polish you always do. Deliberately choose a polish that will inspire and energize you every time you look at your nails. Using my two rules will help.

Rule #1 – Always Pick a Different Color

The biggest reason to always pick a different color is this: We women are waaaaaaay too uptight about making change and taking risks. We too easily get our panties in a wad that something will go wrong, that we’ll fail, or that someone will think something awful about us. And for what?

Most of the time things turn out okay, we do just fine – or at least have fun trying – and the other person isn’t thinking about us nearly as much as we assumed.

By picking a different nail color every time you do your nails, you’re practicing getting more comfortable with change. If you love the new color, fabulous! If you just can’t stand it, take it off!

A cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover is no match for that ugly color. Love it or hate it, either way you took a risk, you lived through it, and you took some of the fear out of change, one nail color at a time.

Rule #2 – Always Make Sure It Has an Inspiring Name

There are so many great nail color names today that there’s just no excuse for a name that’s boring or that you don’t love. Your nail color’s name should make you laugh or inspire you.

When you glance at your fingernails with Make Mamma Happy or know that your toes are poking out from your sandals with Wine Not, your nail color name is egging you on to crack a smile.

What do you do when you love the nail polish color, but the name is booooring? Make up a new one! It’s only a sticker for goodness sake. In fact, change it several times if you want.

Always remember, these are your nails and this is your experience. Be in the driver’s seat and enjoy the ride.

After picking a polish on purpose, it’s time to put it on your fingernails, toenails, or both. While putting on your chosen polish ask yourself: Why did I pick this color and how does the name inspire me?

Any reason is acceptable as long as it means something to you. The great thing is that you can recall these thoughts and feelings every time you look at your fingers or toes. Think of it as taking at least 10, perhaps 20, reminders with you to increase your sanity, confidence, or fun!

Now that you have your new beautiful, colorful nails, there’s only one thing left to do – top it off with top coat! That’s the final step to doing your nails and living like your nail color.

Top coat sounds simple enough, but there’s more there than meets the eye. Next time I’ll share the details. You don’t want to miss it!

About Mary Foley

As an author, speaker, and co-host of the “Girlfriend We Gotta Talk!” radio show, Mary Foley aims to inspire more sanity, confidence, and fun in every woman’s life. Her latest book Live Like Your Nail Color Even If You Have Naked Nails will be released fall 2009. Wanna know more? Go to www.LiveLikeYourNailColor.com

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