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5 New Year's Resolutions for Ambitious Women

What are the best New Year's resolutions for ambitious women?

"Women are hungry for a life of focus, meaning, and accomplishment," explains life coach Ann Daly, PhD. "In order to commit to that life, women need to begin by getting clear about what they want. They need to unclutter their minds and hearts."

Dr. Ann Daly

In her new e-book, "A Year of Clarity: The Monthly Guide for Women" ($16.95, Wollemi Pine Press), Dr. Daly shows women how to claim and achieve their ambition, whether it's for the C-suite, work-life balance, or a creative calling.

What is the best way to begin a year of clarity? Dr. Daly suggests these New Year's resolutions:

1. Tame the female ego

If men feel the need to be in control, women feel the need to please. Ask yourself: "Am I doing this because I want to do the right thing, or because I'm afraid to be seen as selfish, bitchy, rude...?"

2. Just say "No!"

Every time you begrudgingly reply "Yes" to someone else's priorities, you say "No" to your own.

3. Add Mozart to the mix

This measured, buoyant music is an immediate antidote to the manic moment. You'll find yourself able to breathe, relax, and focus.

4. Don't say "should"

Eliminate the word from your vocabulary. Find alternatives such as "want" that declare your power and responsibility to make choices.

5. Stop Multitasking

It's not a productivity tool. It's an excuse for perpetual distraction. Instead, plan your time well enough to focus on one task--or person--at a time.

Ann Daly, PhD, is a life coach, speaker, and author based in Austin, Texas. Formerly a women's studies professor, she is an expert on the changing lives of professional women. The author of five books, Dr. Daly is the "Transitions" coaching columnist for Your Address magazine and the host of BookWisdom, a salon that encourages books as a resource to inspire and improve women's lives.

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