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7 Tips to being a good summer party guest

Warm weather is upon us – and so are invitations to long holiday weekends, barbecues, birthdays and other summer soirees. Lolita – the entertainment expert best known for her fun, hand-painted drinkware – shares some top tips on how to be the best guest.

1. RSVP (and do it on time)! That way, you're already being a good guest before you even get there.

2. Offer assistance. When RSVP-ing or any time before the event, ask how you can help. Your offer will be appreciated (and, most likely, not accepted).

3. Never arrive empty handed! Bring a thoughtful gift the host or hostess can use. Hand-poured, hand-painted "Love My Candles" from Lolita will make you stand out from the bottles of wine (and last longer...).

4. Mingle, mingle, mingle. People want to see their guests having a good time with each other. Ask people questions, and be willing to share information about yourself.

5. Use that camera. Don't just bring your camera, use it. Get some photos of guests, the host, the venue, the food... People often forget to capture the moment.

6. Clean up after yourself. Unless specifically directed not to do so, minimize your party footprint. And if you're one of the last to go, ask if you can help clean up after others as well.

7. Follow up with a "thank you." A simple call, email or (gasp) hand-written note is always nice to receive. Remember those pictures you took? Sharing those with the host is another way to show how much fun everyone had.

Lolita’s designs celebrate personalities, holidays and life’s milestones. Her hand-painted product lines include drinkware (martini, wine, champagne, pilsner, shot, mugs), sundae bowls and candles. For more information about Lolita, please visit TheLolitaStore.com

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