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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I click on a link and go to another site like Amazon, will I be paying more than if I had just gone to Amazon directly?

A. Great Question. No, the prices you pay at Amazon or any other site that you arrive at by clicking on one of our links will NEVER be more. With some links, you may even pay less or receive additional benefits.

Q. How do I know that Internet shopping is safe? I don't want someone grabbing my credit card number or even identity!

A. You are smart to be concerned. We only link to established, safe companies like Amazon that have the best on-line security in the world. Millions of dollars worth of goods are bought and sold on these reliable sites every day.

It is true that you must be careful when buying on-line, just as you must be careful when leaving your credit card at a restaurant or giving out information over the phone. But the websites that we link to from ClevelandSeniors.com are reliable.

Q. Why so many ads?

A. We try to limit the number of advertisements to a select few companies and display them sparingly so as not to interfere with the readability of our information or your enjoyment of the site.

Many people enjoy being able to view more or even purchase a book, for example, after reading about it on this site.

Also, our various specialty shops make it easy to find just the right items for the occasion without searching the entire web.

So, for example, if you have a friend who is a proud Hungarian (or Italian, German, Lithuanian, etc.) , you can browse our Hungarian store on-line and find the perfect item for his birthday.

Or browse items just for certain holidays like Mother's Day or Easter or Christmas or ...

In addition you are helping to support this website when you click on a link and buy from a store. We receive a tiny commission on sales that originate from our site and this helps keep ClevelandSeniors.com free for you to visit.

So please do your on-line shopping with us! Thank you

Have a question about online shopping or our Virtual Store? Just e-mail us at store@ClevelandWomen.com and we will do our best to answer you.

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