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Interior Design Tips
by Reita Bayman

Reita's Reality
We seem to acquire furniture without much thought. We quickly move through cars, buy and sell upwards on our houses, and even replace unacceptable mates. But the same furniture just keeps going, like that little pink bunny. Isn't there something wrong with this picture?

How best to err
Always err on the side of choosing larger rather than smaller. This is especially true when choosing accessories.

Design in a Small Area
The smaller your area, the more consistent your design theme needs to be.

Color vs. Contrast
Most of us respond to contrast more than we do color.

Skills vs. Taste
When furnishing your home and your results do not satisfy what your eye had expected to see, score yourself high in taste, low in skill. Taste you are born with, skill you acquire.

The perils of no design plan
There are many bodies at the bottom of "The slippery slope of home decoration" that got there by purchasing furnishings without a design plan. It's much more rewarding to make purchases with confidence rather than hope.

Saving Money with Good Design
A flexible attitude is guaranteed to save money on any furnishing project without sacrificing a good design.

3 Things every room needs
Every room needs an element of surprise, a theme or purpose and a look that makes the owner feel good.

Balance is the common denominator of design. The quality of your project is determined by understanding the relationship of all the elements in balance.

Why you need a design plan
Using well designed furniture is necessary, but that alone will not create a pleasing space. You need a design plan. "Clothes do not make the man."

Match & Set
These are two words that should be removed from your vocabulary. Replace them with "blend" and learn how. It's a powerful concept.

Mistakes & Problems
As in life, mistakes and problems frequently are divine assets. Look for the silver lining.

Design as Science
Design is not an exact science. Don't treat it as if it is.

The test for choices
All choices need a rationale and integrity. That's the only test that counts.

Choosing what you like
Focusing only on what you like is a quick trip to boredom. We tend to choose the same things over and over and over.

Furnishings as Investments
Home furnishings have the longest life of anything we purchase. Doesn't it make sense to approach purchases from a long-term investment strategy?

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