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Interior Decorating and Design

Fall Decorating Tips To Warm Your Home
Think about the decorating styles that appeal to you

Contemporary Gothic Hotel
Fusion of Modern Design & Gothic Cathedral Architecture

Buying and Caring for Silk Bedding
Ten Tips you should know

Newlywed Tips: When "His" Meets "Hers"
Blending Decorating Styles in a New Home

Brighten Up the Home this Spring
With these Ten Tips

Atkins Diet for Furniture
Protein vs Carb Furniture Choices

Ten Tips for Small Spaces
by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

Top Ten Decorating Trends
For 2007

Design a Blissful Bedroom
Using all your senses

Bring Rustic Charm into Your Home
Stylish Tips to Unwind

Color 101
by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

Family Room advice
and what about track lighting

Painting Options
Freshen up or change color?

Wall Colors
One wall different color?

SW Motif and Take shoes off before entering?
What does Reita say?

Exterior Decisions
Planter and colors

Devotional Rooms
Creating a Sanctuary

Borders on Walls
Classy or "too much"?

What color should I paint...
Is it that simple?

Decorating a Boat
The Porthole Problem

Get Organized with Clutter Command
Advice on shelving to reduce clutter

Trading Spaces TV Show
How real is it?

Artificial Flowers
Trendy or Tacky?

Painted Wall Designs
Like on the Cable TV Shows

Formal Dining Room
Still needed in these modern times?

Meet our Design Expert
Reita Bayman of Reflections Interior Design

Design Philosophy
Introduction by Reita Bayman

Reita's Interior Design Tips
Learn from our Expert

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