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Painted Wall Design

Q. I love the design shows on cable such as Trading Spaces but wonder if people actually paint designs (usually freehand!) on their walls as much as they do on TV.

Everyone seems to have something painted on their walls. Do you see this in the real world very much?

A. Painted wall designs offer character, depth, and a theme to any given space. This can be achieved with the use of wallpaper, patterned wood trim, murals, or the painting of unique objects.

If you are talented, it is cost effective to paint the design yourself. If you are not, try taking a picture and projecting it on the wall with a projector then outline the image and paint it in. Inexpensive projectors can be purchased at paint stores for this purpose.

Wall paintings are not a new concept. This art has been around for centuries. Television and technology have brought this technique to our attention.

Wall art is a great way to make a room or a weak wall come to life.

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Reita Bayman
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