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Exterior Decisions

Q. Any ideas for decorating a rather large, brick planter? Outside of course... Thanks!

A. Wow! I'm guessing that you may see this as a problem. There is no one way and without any detail I can't help you. However, let me suggest how you may help yourself.

Take a picture from a distance, use tracing paper to overlay over the picture and sketch different sizes and scale of planting.

You may want to take this to a garden center who could advise you on what plants will flourish in this spot.

Q. I want to put vinyl siding on my house but the colors all seem so bland. Do you know where we might find a better choice of bright colors?

I live by the beach. Thanks, Barbara

A. Take a picture of your house. Then overlay tracing paper on the picture. Now you can color in the base colors and trims with colored pencils and see what your house would look like with different combinations.

Consider a sand color for the siding and add blue and with at the windows and doors. The color of your roof will need to be considered.

Landscaping also can tie it altogether. It's called teamwork!

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Reita Bayman
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