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Painting walls
different colors

Q. Lately I've visited three houses that have a room where 1 wall is painted a different color than the others. Is this something new? It seems off to me.

A. Painting just one wall is not new. It can be very effective to pull color through an open space by repeating the wall color in furniture and accessories.

It works on a "weak" wall to add strength. A "weak" wall is one that has no opening or architectural feature like doors, window, fireplace, etc.

Giving this wall a different look gives it importance to compete with the other walls.

Q. Hello, I have recently painted my room. I love bright colors so I did each wall different. Lime green, Mango orange, Purple, and Yellow.

I love the colors but they don't blend. I was wondering if stripes would help and if so I'm not sure what colors.

If you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Cambree

A. You have courage! Congratulations. Your colors do not blend but are complimentary and that's good.

Since all the colors are strong, you also achieved some balance and that is the goal to achieve a pleasant impact. Now you must go the next step.

On each color add a compliment, an example would be on the lime green wall add a picture that had purple, yellow and mango with maybe a small amount of green-not necessarily lime.

Repeat that concept on each colored wall using different subjects- like a headboard, or curtain, etc. This will create rhythm in you space.

You should also incorporate the ceiling and floor colors in your space.

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Reita Bayman
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