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Track Lighting
and Family Room

Q. How do you feel about track lighting over pictures in the home?

A. I assume you are referring to lighting on the ceiling that focuses light on art work. I am all for it in most situations.

If you have a period home that is restored and track lighting was not used originally, that would be a problem for me.

There are lights that attach to the frame that also work well.

Q. How can I make a family room functional but still not look like a storage room or just a bunch of chairs around a television?

A. The only way to be confident that furniture will fit and function is to create a floor plan in 1/4" scale and use templates to represent the furniture.

You can also try re-arranging if you have a good eye for balance. TV's do limit arrangements; however the new thin screens are more friendly.

Without more specific information I can't really help you in your room. You may need the advice of a professional. Most designers are happy to spend time with you at an hourly rate to help you get the most of what you already have.

If you are in Cleveland give me a call at Reflections Interior Design, LLC.

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Reita Bayman
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