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Food Tips from the Fabulous Food Show

Wine Trends

Rezo Kvatchrelishvili from the American Wine School at the Fabulous Food Show in Cleveland told about winter-worthy wines, Argentine Malbec and the trend to trying wines from different grapes from different regions of the world.

Olive Oil primer

Stacey Doukas from Artisan Specialties at the Fabulous Food Show in Cleveland told about differences in olive oil such as cold-pressed, extra virgin and infused with fruit essence.

How to make the perfect cup of tea

Monica from Twinings of London tells how to make the perfect cup of tea.

Vanilla - the world's favorite flavor

Brent Reame from Beanilla explains the various types of vanilla along with the uses and regional differences. He shows a whole vanilla bean and how to bake with it. Brent calls vanilla the world's favorite flavor.

How to tell if it's authentic Italian

You've seen Italian Culinary Specialist Mario Rizzotti from Academia Barilla on the Iron Chef Show. Here he tells how to tell if olive oil, balsamic vinegar and other products are authentic Italian. Also why he doesn't use bread to taste oils.

Pears - New varieties and how to buy and store

How to select, buy and store pears as well as different varieties of pears from Dean Parshall of the Pear Bureau.

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