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Kids and Parenting

Top 20 Words Scaring Parents
on Facebook, MySpace and other Social Media

Taking on school bullies
Interventions target bullies, victims, and bystanders.

Backpacks and your Kids
Tips to prevent the pain of an over stuffed backpack

Healthy fun snacks for kids
For the lunch box or after school

Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy
and Eating Nutritious Foods

Kids are expensive - but priceless
Share with Mom on Mother's Day

Five products not to buy for your baby
Consumer Reports finds them potentially dangerous

Online Coloring Books for Kids
Free sites to let kids color at the computer

Great Tips for Healthy School Lunches
What to eat and what to avoid

How to Help Your Children During Tough Economic Times
Even young children can sense anxiety and tension

Keep Kids Safe in the Car
Free Car Seat Inspections for Child Passenger Safety Week

How you can help the young women in your life
Parents matter to teens, even if they don't act like it.

Take Our Daughters (& Sons) to Work Day
7 Tips to make the most of April 24th

Rescuing Daughters from Marketers' Schemes
Author Lyn Mikel Brown speaks at Laurel School

Super Foods for Babies and Children
Recipes from the best selling book

Fighting Childhood Weight Problems
Starts with a Healthy Lunch

Most Popular Baby Names
Are you surprised?

Ten Tips to Child Safety
Safety is More Than 'Don't Talk to Strangers'

What To Do If Your Child Becomes Missing
Seven steps to follow

Fighting Childhood Weight Problems
Starts with a Healthy Lunch

Most Popular Baby Names
of the 20th Century

Protect your kids (and yourself) from Flu
There is still time

Sleep Tips for Children
How much is enough?

Fruit Juice - Friend or Foe?
Healthy snacks for children

Top 5 Causes of Missed School
And the most important thing your child can do
to prevent illness

Back to School Tips
Travel to and from School

Tips for Adoptive Parents
Planning to adopt from the U.S. or overseas

Could your Child be a Star?
10 Questions That Evaluate Star Potential

Look what I'm Eating
Book for kids 3-8 to teach good eating


Top Ten Holiday Toys for Kids with AD/HD
Match your child's strengths and challenges

Freddy Fights Fat
Help for an overweight child

Child having trouble in school?
Consider a vision test

Wetting the bed
Information to help your child stay dry

17 tips for Working Moms
to Strengthen the Bonds with their Children

Visiting your child's teacher
Tips to make it a positive experience

Easy Projects
To do with the Kids or Grandkids

Advice for Moms and Family from ClevelandWomen.com

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