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10 Ways to Create Handmade Valentine Gifts

There's something magical about receiving a handmade valentine. Nothing feels quite like it. In honor of love and the wonderful feelings it inspires, Lettering Delights offers 10 ideas for creating heartfelt Valentine's Day gifts.

1. Untraditional Valentine Cards. Go beyond ordinary paper cards. Turn just about anything into a valentine with a little creativity. Try these ideas for starters:

  • Use craft supplies to decorate a small tin with hearts and other accents.
  • Cover a cardboard tube with wrapping paper, and let your valentine card peek out of the hole.
  • Glue pages of an old book together and decorate it for a multi-page valentine card.

2. "Remember When" Layout. Create a scrapbook layout highlighting favorite memories of your loved one.

3. Love Coupons. Create special coupons for your loved one to redeem. For example, offer a coupon good for a back rub, a romantic dinner for two, control of the TV remote for an entire evening, and so on.

4. Love Note Binder. Assemble all of your love notes in one embellished binder or notebook. (Composition books are an inexpensive option.)

5. 10 Things I Love About You. Create a card, scrapbook layout or series of 10 layouts illustrating the top 10 reasons you love that special person.

6. Candy Bar Wrapper. Use decorative valentine paper to wrap a candy bar. Hide the candy bar for your valentine to find.

7. Candy Bag and Cupcakes. Tie a bag of valentine candy with ribbon or raffia and add a personalized tag. Or, glue clip-art on the top of a Popsicle stick or toothpick to decorate a valentine cupcake.

8. Valentine Certificates. Use scrapbooking supplies to decorate a one-of-a-kind certificate boasting of your loved one's worth, such as Best Husband or World's Greatest Mother.

9. Decorative Candle. Decoupage a word, a poem, or clip-art on the side of a candle and add a raffia or ribbon bow.

10. Valentine and Treat Holder. Use scrapbooking supplies to embellish an old box to make the perfect valentine holder for your child to take to school.

For a limited time, more than 160 valentine fonts, alphabets and accents are on sale for $1 at www.letteringdelights.com. Normally $1.49 to $3.99, these downloadable items can be used to embellish the projects mentioned above.

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