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Sexy Clothes at Office

Q. There are 4 of us in a group, 2 men and 1 other woman besides myself. The other woman is constantly flirting with the 2 guys and the bosses.

She dresses a little too wild for business in my opinion. But it seems to be working for her as she seems to be getting better assignments and is singled out for attention and praise.

I am not a prude and can compete with her on that level if necessary but I feel I shouldn't have to.

How do I compete without raising my hemline and acting the flirt? Thank you.


Dear Anonymous,

Don't descend to the level of hem lines and batting eye lashes. Use your brains to battle; they will sustain you and win your war in the long run.

Also, lift the level, not the hem, of your professional attire; get a reputation for power dressing with terrific looking clothing.

Stay late and be seen giving the extra effort and make your written work impeccable.

Hem lines can't compete with sheer excellence and professional demeanor, I promise.

Keep me posted!

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