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Frustrated by Daughter's
Role Models

Q. I am trying to teach my two teenage daughters that there are better women to emulate than Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan.

I am afraid that after all the struggles that I, and women like me, went through to achieve respect in business, this next generation would rather looked toward Paris Hilton rather than Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina.

It is so frustrating! Help!

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Dear Help,

I have a teenage daughter and know of your concerns.

I saw her interest in the junk magazines at the checkout and decided to focus on her passion, which is horseback riding. I bought her subscriptions to equestrian magazines and asked her who her riding heroes were. I also let her join an on-line community where horse lovers congregate and share advice.

Since I let her gather written and on-line material around her and let her create bulletin boards in her bedroom full of horse stuff, I no longer see or hear of Hilary and Lindsey.

I even went so far as to have horse pictures made for her room walls and locker at school. So, whatever your daughters' passions are, look into them and get their media inputs focused on furthering those passions and not the hype they see around them.

Try it and let me know. Also, if they are not already passionate about something, develop their interest in something that excites them and fertilize it.

Good luck!

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