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Ask Cathy
Entrepreneur Vs. Networker

Q. Where did you get the courage to do the things you have done - business start-ups, etc? If given a choice, I have played it safe rather than take a gamble.

Did you have great role models? I am not afraid of failing, but I hate the thought of throwing money at an idea that is unproven.

I guess some of us are entrepreneurs at heart, and the rest of us are the facilitators. My gift is networking. But that is a business tool, not a concept for a business


Dear Diana,

I am grateful that you are a gifted facilitator and networker; we need more women who can make connections and deliver results from ideas that can be a dime a dozen.

I gained the courage to follow my entrepreneurial instincts from several professional colleagues who suggested they would partner with me in making the leap to progress my consulting and business start-up capabilities. When those were successful, I was then asked to consider funding opportunities for new businesses which I found to be both exciting and gratifying.

It is very rewarding to assist others who want to start a business. I suppose that if you are able to find one measure of success, then this breeds the confidence to continue unfolding opportunities that come your way.

I do believe that every success should be used as a stepping stone for the next opportunity that furthers a bigger vision of achievement! I find, too, that my passion for new business ideas gives me courage in and of itself.

You must not devalue the gift of networking and facilitating; many of us are unable to see connections and how they can deliver a sturdy platform for building business opportunities. If you are excited by the value of networking, perhaps you ought to consider making a business out of it!

The courage to build a new enterprise comes from giftedness that is rooted in a passion. It is the deep well of passion that fuels ambition and drive.

Even if a business in networking isn't enticing, let your passion for it drive your own success.

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