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Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling

We are all aware of the Glass Ceiling. But did you know about the Bamboo Ceiling?

Jane Hyun, President and Founder of Hyun & Associates, is an executive coach and leadership strategist to Fortune 500 companies, top MBA programs, and non-profit organizations. Her Bamboo Ceiling Series leadership coaching programs has garnered praise from global Fortune 100 companies in 100 companies in the U.S. and in key global markets.

The Bamboo Ceiling series is based on her book, Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling. The book suggests that Asian Americans are not reaching their full potential in the workplace.

Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing groups in the U.S. labor force but remain one of the least represented groups in senior management ranks at Fortune 500 companies. A 2003 Catalyst study showed that while Asian women make up an important and growing source of talent, they make up .29% of the 10,000+ corporate officers of Fortune 500 companies. A previous study by Cliff Cheng showed that Asians make up less than 1/2 of 1/% of Fortune 250 companies.

Jane Hyun at Cleveland City Club

Jane Hyun at the City Club of Cleveland

Many Asian American professionals report that they are often misunderstood in business settings. Second and third-generation Asian Americans who don't speak a syllable of Asian dialect report being mistaken as foreigners or expatriates in the workplace.

While Asians are well represented in entry level positions, few advance to senior management ranks or corporate board positions because of cultural barriers or lack of organizational resources.

While you may not be Asian-American or even work with Asians, Jane also offers career advice for all women. She contributed to the Harvard Business Review Offramp/Onramp study about the need to give women options about entering, leaving and coming back to the workplace. Listen to her Offramp comments

Jane also shares a story about a 'scary lady' that forced her to leave her professional comfort zone. Take a listen

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