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Claire Thinking
Claire's Weight Loss Page

All right, who is the funny guy who replaced my mirror with one from a funhouse? There is absolutely no way that I really look like that. I'm much taller and thinner and less, I don't know…lumpy?...

And so begins Claire's journey into weight loss.

Claire has bravely agreed to share her thoughts and progress (even photos!) as she works to lose those unwanted pounds and expose the lean, healthy woman that she knows is in there.

Claire wants your help. If you have struggled with weight loss, you know it can be difficult to reach your goal. Send Claire your advice, tips and encouragement.

She will keep us updated on her progress and hopefully others will want to join Claire in her program. Let her know if you are dieting along with her. Remember, there is strength in numbers.

Your advice, encouragement and questions
for Claire - and her responses

One Weigh or Another
Claire-ly Addicted

Spring has Sprung
Claire's Weight Loss Review

Absolutely Flabulous
Claire shops for "Fat Clothes"

C is for Claire
Who Has Diet Ennui

Why I Cheated
Blame the Girl Scout of America!

Trial by Dryer
Claire tosses her jeans in the (gulp) dryer!

Facing Fats
Claire faces facts (and fats) on her diet

The new Claire is Under Construction

Lumpy Girl 2006
Claire faces the New Year - and herself

New Year's Countdown
Without Dick Clark

Counting Blessings
Instead of Calories

Claire's Diet Continues
The birth of the Cookies and Salad Diet

Claire's Diet Continues
Bathroom Scale Predictions

Lumpy Girl Claire
Holiday Pudge

The return of Lumpy Girl
Just in time for the holidays

The end of Phase 1
Claire reaches 20 pounds lost

My Cups Runneth Over
Claire goes bra shopping

Pork Inspired
The smell of bacon lures Claire

Claire gains weight!
Vacation causes her first setback

Shredded Weight
Whiny Girl gets weighed at the wrong time

Claire is armed and dangerous
What's with these flabby arms?

Claire's latest weekly report
Nickel and Diming the results

Claire is Playing to Lose
With an updated photo of Lumpy/Skinny Girl

Lumpy Girl and Skinny Girl
Meet Slacker Girl

Week 8 of Claire's Diet
The changing Outward Appearance

On a Clear Day
Claire gets depressed after a "compliment"

Over Exposed
Claire gets a new swimsuit

Declaration of Indigestion
Claire gets through the holidays

Things My Lumpy Girl Told Me
Lumpy Girl and Skinny Girl face off

Across the Great Divide
Claire sounds off on the thong

Skinny is a State of Mind
The unfortunate return of Lumpy Girl

Salad Days
Lumpy Girl Claire continues on her diet

Lumpy Girl Claire meets Skinny Girl
and plans for Week 4

Lumpy Girl meets a Twinkie
but it's for a good cause

Wait Loss - Claire's Week 2 Results
and goals for Week 3

Fast Food protection
Claire wishes she were Batgirl

Nice girls only go at home
Claire deals with high fiber

Claire's Week 1 Results
and goals for Week 2

Have you Herd of Whales?
Claire reflects on her changing body

Heavy Thoughts
Claire gets on the scale - and begins her plan

Who is that Lumpy Girl?
Claire goes public with her weight loss plan
- and asks for your help

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