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The Art of Flirting:
4 First Date Tips

Do you find yourself too nervous to approach an attractive stranger you see from across the bar? It's time to once and for all put aside your fears and take a couple risks.

It's Just Lunch has assembled the following tips which are designed to take you through the whole process of flirting, from getting noticed to closing the deal in four easy steps.

Step 1: The Preliminaries

Strike a Pose When you walk into a social situation, pause in the doorway with your head held high. The idea is to let all potential dates get a good look at you at your best. Then proceed with confidence across the room.

Divide and Conquer Ladies, break up the pack - men will never approach you if you are surrounded by ten of your closest friends. Men, no woman in her right mind will shoulder her way through a group of guys to get to you. Make room for the opposite sex and they are more likely to find their way to you.

Use a Prop Props are a great way to start up a conversation. Try a book, a shirt with your favorite sports team or a pet. Dogs are people magnets and take away the pressure of coming up with a clever conversation starter.

Step 2: The Approach

Eye See You The most effective flirting tools you have are your eyes. If you catch the eye of someone you find attractive and they look back, don't be self-conscious and turn away. Do the glance linger look away then reconnect routine. After a few times the other person will know you are interested.

Instant Confidence Instead of thinking "what will they think of me" when you are approaching someone you find attractive, turn it around and try thinking, "will I like them?".

Step 3: The Flirt

Flirting is all about showing interest in the other person. So ask questions and be attentive to their answers. It's also an ego booster that makes people feel more attractive and desirable. Two things are going on when you flirt - the actual conversation and body language.

During your conversation remember to be sincere, be yourself and be funny. Showing you have a sense of humor will help you both relax and let your guards down. Use the other person's name and lean in when you're talking to them and lightly touch their arm or back.

Step 4: The Proposition

After spending some time flirting, it's time for the next step - asking for a date. Asking someone if they'd like to go out sometime is too vague, so instead invite them to a baseball game you have tickets for or if they like art tell them about a new exhibit at the local museum you were dying to see.

Pose the question as if you're already going and they can join you, if interested. This will make you feel less desperate and take the pressure off both of you if they say no.

More information and tips on dating can be found in the The It's Just Lunch Guide to Dating in America (It's Just Lunch!) and The It's Just Lunch Guide to Dating in Cleveland (It's Just Lunch).

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