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I've Graduated
- Now What? Part 2

So, how do you start searching for your ideal career and to not settle for just another JOB - "Just Over Broke?"

In Part 1, Mary Stewart McGovern gave the basics and the first Tip. Now, she continues with more.

Tip #2:

READ. A lot. The Sunday newspaper "business" section. Wall St. Journal. Crain's. Local and professional trade journals.

All are great sources of information. Most of these sources list new hires, promotions, etc. Keep track of the names of people in your field.

Even if they are recent grads themselves and are just starting their careers. In fact, they are great sources of information on companies that are hiring.

Maybe you see an established person mentioned constantly and you feel that they have the career you want. Track down their work e-mail address or look up their office phone number, and initiate contact. Mention that you read about them and their recent promotion, having been awarded a new professional designation, whatever.

Just make contact. Don't worry if you get voice mail or you don't get an immediate response. People are busy. It's OK. Most people will respond, even if it's just that they feel flattered that you contacted them in the first place.

Some people will volunteer to help you start your career search, some won't. Either way, it doesn't hurt to call or email. At worst, you could get someone who says, "Oh, thanks. Bye."

At best, you could end up with an "in" at the perfect corporation for which you would give your right arm to work.

Tip #3:

Make lists of companies where you would like to work. Ask around or review your contact lists and see who you know that could help you get there.

If you don't know anyone, do some research. Approach it like an assignment. Check out their company website, do a Google search on them, whatever.

You will turn up at least one name. Then, establish contact.

Tip #4:

DON'T post your resume online. You could end up with a legitimate opportunity.

Most likely, you'll end up with a bunch of "Yes, you too can work from home" offers. Or worse, every employment agency in the area will call you. That is a guaranteed fact. Which leads us to...

Coming Next - More Tips to find your ideal career.

Mary Stewart McGovern, President
Stewart McGovern Enterprises

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Mary Stewart McGovern

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