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Ask Rachael

Meet Rachael

Rachael is a typical, hardworking, young woman who attends an all girls' school in the Cleveland area. She is dedicated to her work and is a high achieving student.

Ask Rachael
Rachael faces everyday challenges similar to those faced by all teenagers. Sometimes it helps to get input from someone else when you have a problem or question.

Your questions and comments will be kept completely anonymous. By establishing an anonymous place on ClevelandWomen.com where teenagers can ask questions about those things that trouble them the most, we hope to become a valuable resource and helpful tool for those young people who need input to help make good decisions.

Have a question?

Ask Rachael

Introductory Column
Welcome to "Ask Rachael"

I'm too tall and feel like a freak
What can I do?

Everyone says my Mom is hot
I hate how she acts. What can I do?

We have to move and
I don't want to lose my friends

I must be a Late Bloomer
I don't care about boys and makeup and dances

How do you know if a boy really likes you
Rachael gives some signs you can observe

Father is out of control
Still treats me like a little girl!

Does this boy like me?
Should I tell him I like him?

To "Ask Rachael" fill out the form below or e-mail her.

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