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The Fashion Cop Returns

As we've said before, we hate to play Fashion Cop but sometimes the outfits are too egregious to ignore.

It took us a few seconds to spot just what this tank top was made of. Look closely. At least we can't see the front.

Woman's tank top made out of underwear

And is it really "sexy" if you have to make the claim yourself? Especially via a chain going through your lip?

Lip piercing

Diamonds? Yes. Diamonds on every finger? Sure, why not. But this is not exactly what we mean by "diamonds on every finger."

Diamonds piercing each finger of hand

Finally, lots of bling can be fun. But you've got to know your limits, right?

Woman with lots of bling on face, grill, etc

What do you think? E-mail your opinions or photos of fashion no-no's to fashion@clevelandwomen.com

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