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Miss Melody McClain
Doyenne of Domesticity

Miss Melody McClain, while charming, never actually went to charm school.

In addition to being Northeast Ohio's youngest doyenne of domesticity, she is a consummate professional.

And while friends swear she'll make a great wife someday, that day is not today.

The Dry Party
Miss Melody offers solutions for non-drinking party animals

Musings on Cheese
Miss Melody contemplates the party necessity

Those Silly Boys!
Miss Melody faces her first moral dilemma

Revenge of the Blue Drink Drunk
Ah, the fun of the perfect blue drink

The 11th-Most Important Meal You'll Ever Serve
The breakup meatloaf

Time to Liven Up the Living Room
How to gussy up the place

Add a Little Nostalgia to Your Dinner
Tricks to make on-the-fly dinner more palatable

The Art of Easy Entertaining
It's time to throw adult parties

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