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Works Better Alone

Q. I work better when I am alone. In fact, I could stay home and work at my PC and be more productive than I am at work. But I fear I will be missing out on things by not maintaining a regular presence at the office.

Even though my work will be done (and better) I don't want to go unnoticed because I'm not there in the break room or at lunch. What would you advise?

Dear Loner,

Face time and physical presence is everything, still. Whilst we might be hopeful that hot desking and online home offices are acceptable substitutes, they are not for two main reasons.

First, senior management must always be office centric. Therefore, when they look for assistance from employees to take on new, valuable projects, they tap the shoulders of those who are readily available and physically present.

Remember that senior colleagues rain down work and responsibility, and need to feel comfortable with your capabilities shown over time.

Second, integrity, trust, competence and capability for handling oversight responsibilities are not judged by online presence, but by physical presence. Success in these arenas will mean quicker promotion and early managerial responsibility.

Staying on line at home could mean a permanent relegation, therefore, to the rank and file and not the boardroom. Be careful not to get too comfortable at home and remember that senior management taps strong shoulders not an online email account.

Good luck!


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