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Ask Cathy

Meet Cathy Horton

Cathy Horton has had experiences and successes that many of us just dream about. Somehow she has managed to combine a vigorous and entrepreneurial professional career with a fulfilling family life and a devoted spiritual life.

As we strive to "have it all", we are fortunate to have a role model such as Cathy available to share her thoughts and ideas to help us along our own journey.

Have a difficult decision in your career? A problem dealing with family and work issues? A quest for spiritual fulfillment? Health, wealth or lifestyle questions? There's one thing to do.

Ask Cathy

Watch video highlights from Cathy Horton's keynote address at the 2008 ClevelandWomen.Com Future Leaders Event for High School Girls

Introductory Column
Why "Ask Cathy"?

Can women have it all?
Cathy answers that age-old question

Business Ethics
Balancing cutthroat business with personal beliefs

Women as Business Mentors
Should she choose a Male Mentor?

Dressing sexy in the office
Is that required to get ahead?

Stay with Female Groups
or Penetrate Male-dominated Bastions?

Frustrated by Daughter's Role Models
A concerned mother asks for advice

Entrepreneur Vs. Networker
Let your Passion drive your Success

Same Sex or Coed School
For her daughter's high school

Want to make it really big
And pretending to be there already

Ivy League School
Does it really matter?

Problems with other women
Being Catty & Snide, not Supportive

Looking for a Husband
in an Office Romance

Turns Red and Cries in business situations
Emotions are holding her back

Multitasking in Meetings
Is it appropriate?

Politically outspoken at work
Is it appropriate? How to handle

Eager to advance in the company
But afraid to go over boss' head

It takes money to make money
I have ideas but no start up funds - Ask Cathy offers advice

Join a Big Company or Start my Own
after graduation next year? Advice from Ask Cathy

Not good at Networking Events
Ask Cathy offers 7 Key Tips to improve your results

I work much better alone - what's the problem?
Ask Cathy explains the need for face time and physical presence

Driven to succeed
Ask Cathy affirms a hard working woman's approach

How to Succeed as a Woman and get what you want
Ask Cathy's advice is universal

Looking for a career with a secure outlook
but not the College type

How do I overcome my not-so-bright past
I am older and wiser now

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Cathy Horton - Ask Cathy

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