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Ask Cathy
Driven to Succeed

Q. I am focused on getting to the top. So I spend as much time as possible in working, reading, trying to improve and make sales.

I am catching a lot of flak from my family and friends. It's not like I am in the bars or watching TV. I am being productive but they say I am spending too much time on work.

I don't think that's possible. Do you?

Dear Driven,

It is impossible to excel without huge devotion and hard work.

In my early years, I would work through nights regularly, every weekend and back-to-back 20-hour days to complete deals and achieve success. It takes enormous commitment and very hard work to grow into a professional, business person or executive of any kind if that is the life you seek.

If others are critical, perhaps it is because they are uneasy with their own lack of ambition. Ask for their support, but do not waiver in your drive and determination.

It is what will carry you first over the finish line, if you are as competitive as you sound.

Go for it!


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