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Ask Cathy
How to Succeed as a Woman

While 'Ask Cathy' started and is based in Cleveland, Ohio there are readers of the column from all over the world. And questions as well.

Two recent questions came from young women very far from Cleveland. One is from Takoradi in Ghana in Africa and the other is from Faisalabad in Punjab in Pakistan.

While there are geographic considerations, the advice from Ask Cathy applies to local Cleveland women as well as women from all over the globe.

Q. How will you help me get what I want?Ē

Adama Sulemana, City of Takoradi

Dear Adama,

I can help you get what you want by giving you three recommendations.

  1. Do all you can to identify your passion; the thing in your life, or the life of another, that breeds an excitement inside of you which leaves you on fire with joy and a determination to succeed. The only way to find happiness in the heart, is to fuel it with passion.
  2. Do all you can to find avenues for pursuing educational opportunities that offer you the knowledge and expertise to develop your passion. The only way to find success in your mind, is to educate it.
  3. Do all you can to find spiritual balance; that balance inside yourself which brings your dreams close to God. Once you find that your passion and dreams have a divine call and purpose, there will be no person who will keep you from reaching them.

With my blessings,

Q. How I succeed as a woman?

Adeel, Faisalabad (Punjab, Pakistan)

Dear Adeel,

I know that this question has much depth given your geographical location and cultural limitations. With that in mind, I would offer you three thoughts.

  1. I know that success, regardless of gender, only comes when you choose a future based on the development of a personal passion. You must wake up every day and be fueled by an excitement that is contagious and sustainable. Choose, therefore, to find in yourself that spark, that burning interest, which will start wildfires and give you a way forward in the light.
  2. True success, regardless of gender, spawns from pursuing an education that will develop and refine your passion. Education is the key to any success because it will train your mind and heart for the delivery of a unique performance that employers will want and expect from you.
  3. Now, the woman bit. You can only succeed if you embrace truly your gifts as a woman. In cultures where women are treated as second class citizens, it is important to find places where you can be educated that value you as a woman. If you canít find them at home, then try and find ways to seek education abroad. There are many, many U.S. and European institutions that offer scholarships to foreign students and welcome them with open arms.

With blessings for your future,

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