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Summer Cleaning
By Sheila Grace McMahon

In my backpack
I found an Indian headband
From the Lewis and Clark project
We did in March.
We tried to work hard
But we were having so much fun!
I guess we deserved
That C.

In my backpack
I found the sticky, scattered remains
Of a candy cane
That was supposed to be
My school counselor's Christmas present.

In my backpack
I found a headband
And mittens
For when you never knew when the
Temperamental weather
Could turn nasty.
Just in case.

In my backpack
I found seven bucks
I didn't know I had.
They probably could have
Been useful to some
Forgetful, hungry people.

In my backpack
I found a bracelet
Another intended Christmas present
Handmade for one of my
Best friends.
Merry Christmas.

In my backpack
I found a rather
Bulky, red ,heart-shaped ring
That I wore for a day
After discovering it embedded in a cupcake
During a February Power-of-the-Pen meeting.

In my backpack
I found a crumpled sheet of paper
With hastily written letters which
On closer examination are revealed to be
The melodies of some Christmas carols
Attempted on the flute.

In my backpack
I found a silver gum wrapper
Which at some point contained a piece of
That illegal, coveted contraband
Which so often graced
The walls and drinking fountains of our
Beloved school.

In my backpack
I find
A blank space
Appearing empty.
But it holds
The invisible memories
Of the year now gone
And the undetectable hope
Of the year to come.

Sheila Grace McMahon just graduated (6-09) from 8th Grade

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