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A Woman's Worth
By Brittany Peterson
8th Grade, Wiley Middle School

Essay Question: What messages do hip-hop songs and videos give about women? Is that good or bad? Do you think this needs to be changed? Why or why not?

Do you know why women put themselves out there in hip-hop videos? My opinion is that it's the money or just being on T.V. Getting the fame is satisfying enough for them, not knowing what other people may think of them.

In the past, women have been portrayed as the people who take care of the children and keep the house in order. But now, in the 21st century, people are making women seem less then they are.

Putting them in the tiniest outfits barely covering themselves up. Making them dance around just to make their video hot. To me, that's wrong.

As a young woman, I would not put myself out there just to make a quick buck. The women in those videos are sending a message to young girls watching them. They're making it seem OK to put yourselves out there.

Women used to be depended on to dance in loud and flashy videos. So, I wish that women would apply themselves to something they can do but feel like they can't do.

If we would just respect our women and give them credit for what some did in the past--maybe if we would give them some respect--maybe then they would respect themselves.

During the month of March, Wiley Middle School in University Heights celebrated Women's History Month. The program was sponsored by Reaching Heights, a organization in the Cleveland Heights area. Students were given the option to enter an essay competition.

3rd Prize Winner: Brittany Peterson

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