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"Bone UP"
Thoughts from The Bonelady
Life lessons of an ultimate football fan

Life is hard right now. The domino effect of an economy gone bad is taking it's toll on everyone. Some people are losing their jobs,their homes,their money for retirement.

Tomorrow's uncertainty is kind of scary. Even with a change in leadership it's going to take time. We don't know if things are going to get worse before they get better. (I believe they WILL get better)

The same is true for our Cleveland Browns. A season full of promise,high expectations of winning and being competitive has left us empty and disappointed once again. The domino effect of losing is taking it's toll.

Players are calling out the organization,questioning other players commitment,desperately changing the quarterback position in the middle of the season,and fans are campaigning for a coaching change to occur.

Even with all this negativity surrounding our economy and our football team, we continue to get up everyday,do what needs to be done and although frustrated,we still show up and cheer on our team. No matter how bad things are, the human spirit is strong and resilient.

At low points in my life I turn to my faith to keep me from throwing in the towel. I seek out the beauty in the world even though sometimes it's hard to see when you feel so bad.

Last Saturday night I didn't have to look very hard. As the beauty and generosity of the human spirit was a glaring bright light that was hard to miss. I was asked to appear at the Mansfield Browns Backer fish fry to benefit a sixteen year old boy named Sam. He has a disease called good pastures which has caused him to lose both kidneys.

He needs to go back and forth to the hospital several times a week and his family needs reliable wheels to get him there. So Browns Backers from all over Ohio drove many miles,spent their hard earned money to eat fish, meet Greg Pruitt and Bob Golic and participate in many raffles. Not only did they show up but they cooked up the fish for hours out in the freezing cold, served the food ,poured the drinks,sold items and raffle tickets all to help this family.

People gave of themselves and regardless of how bad the Browns have been playing lately it didn't matter. You see all these people know each other because of their love for the Browns but they come together to help others win or lose.

Greg Pruitt and Bob Golic, representing alumni players, are always available to help out and do what they can. They "get it" as far as giving back to a community of fans that cheered for them many years ago.

In this age of the new "millionaire" player I have yet to witness such generosity of spirit. It seems as most of these guys can't be bothered unless they are paid their "fee" for appearing. They are missing out.

I wish for them that they will one day realize how fortunate they are to be paid the money that most people don't see in a lifetime. They get to play a game that they've been playing since they were kids and get paid quite handsomely to do it.

But they weren't the ones there Saturday night. It was the Browns fans and a couple of alumni players, who again, pulled an evening together to raise money for a sick young man.

With a team in turmoil and players commitment being questioned, my faith on Saturday night was restored. Those Browns Backers showed me that the human spirit can be full of love,generosity and self sacrificing.

You know that famous line..."There's no crying in football?" Well, I've never cried over a game before....but as I drove home from Mansfield on saturday night, tears streamed down my face.

My heart was full.........

God Bless you all,

The Bonelady

For more about The Bonelady and/or to contact her go to bonelady.com

The Bone Lady

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