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Precept Golf Ball
and Putting Tips

Q. What's the difference between a Ladies Precept and a regular Precept?

A. The difference between a Lady Precept and other Precept golf balls is the compression of the ball (usually a lower compression) and the material that the cover of the ball is made from (usually a non-cut material).

Q. Where should my feet be in relationship to the club? I have been told they should make a triangle - you know the feet should be pointed out a bit, but this is really uncomfortable. Is it true?

A. I'm not to sure about what it is you're asking. This triangle thing sounds a little confusing.

You're feet should be shoulder width apart, with your forward foot (if your right handed, your left foot) turned slightly out to help make the weight transfer a little easier. Where the ball is in relation to your stance will dictate where the club is set.

Q. What kind of drill or practice routine would you suggest to improve my putting?

A. I think the most important things to practice is your aim, and keeping the putter square to or on your target line.

You could have the nicest putting stroke with great feel for distance and speed, but if the putter isn't aimed at the target, and the putter face square to your line during the stroke, your not going to make to many putts.

Make sure that when you line the putter up, its aimed at your intended target. Another thing to work on is to keep the face of the putter on it's intended target line.

Of course, developing feel for distance is also very important.

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