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Valarie D. Willis

Valarie Willis is principal/owner of Valarie Willis Consulting and has strategic partnerships with the Tom Peters Company of Boston and Bluepoint Leadership Development in Ohio.

Known for her passion and energy, Valarie has worked with companies in many industries including health care, military, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, technology and finance.

Her mission is to guide and provoke organizations to optimize business results through leadership development. Her belief is that each individual can achieve their fullest potential given the tools and opportunity.

Throughout her 20 plus year work history, Valarie has assumed critical management, leadership and consulting roles of significant scope. She led a major transition for one of her previous companies, and led a fledging division to profitability.

Valarie Willis

Valarie is an accomplished speaker, facilitator, consultant and executive coach, focused in the area of leadership, teambuilding and change. She is a Master Facilitator of the Leadership Challenge Workshop. Valarie has worked with Fortune 100 companies, small companies as well as non-profit organizations.

Valarie holds an MBA from Xavier University and an B.A. from Wilmington College.

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