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Noelle Bruno in Ice Dreams

Ice Dreams is the first movie role Noelle Bruno is in and it seems to be a role made just for her. In it she plays a girl (Nicky) with a story very similar to her own.

Nicky's parents are divorced. So are Noelle's. Nicky loves to skate. So does Noelle. Money for skates and ice time was a problem for Nicky. Same for Noelle.

Noelle Bruno

Noelle went to film school to work behind the camera "because I thought that would be safer" but she says "One day I woke up and realized I was playing my Plan B card before my Plan A card." She decided to give acting her full attention. She started taking acting classes and "just hitting it hard and it started working out."

She loved working with the legendary Jerry Stiller who she describes as "so funny and so real". She says he always wanted to run lines because, as the "older" actor on the set he never wanted to be the one holding things up. Of course, this was a big help to Noelle. Stiller was always "so funny and all of the improv was great. He was just a joy to be around."

[See more of Jerry Stiller including audio of his memories of Cleveland.]

The very young Bruno was not as familiar with Shelly Long's work and didn't have lines with her in the movie, but enjoyed being around her on the set so much so that she watched The Money Pit for the first time during production.

Acting and athletics share discipline - but even more important they are similar in the need for "In the moment" thought control. You can also train yourself to be a better athlete just as you can train yourself to be a better actor. She says she feels that many people say they are trying to be actors "but they really aren't."

Noelle admits it is hard work and you have to really commit to it and train like an athlete. "Then it is attainable - anything is."

Noelle Bruno skating

There was a day Noelle would have chosen an Olympic Gold Medal over anything, but today it is the Oscar she craves.

She describes life as an actress as "self-motivating". She works at night as a karaoke hostess at a cocktail bar, but her days are free. This means she must choose between watching tv and hanging out or working toward her career.

She looks forward to doing drama and comedy and "every role". The only part she hesitates about is a horror film where she would need to keep her mind set in a dark place. But she doesn't want to rule that out either.

Noelle Bruno in Ice Dreams

Noelle says "nobody's dreams are out of reach" and it is obvious that she will reach hers. She thinks having her first role be so similar to her own life is simply "the universe giving me a little nod". I think the universe is smiling on Noelle and we will be seeing a lot more of her.

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