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Dirty Pretty Things Jewelry
Exclusive Cleveland Fashion Event

There are those who monitor the latest fashion magazines and rush out to buy whatever is on the cover. Then there are those who create those trends. People like Chrissy LoConti, her sisters Annemarie and Jeannine, Sarah Piscazzi and Andrea Ippolito.

Dirty Pretty Things Jewelry designers Chrissy LoConti and Sarah Piscazzi

Dirty Pretty Things Jewelry designers
Chrissy LoConti and Sarah Piscazzi

These young women, all Cleveland-area natives, have created a new and exciting jewelry line - Dirty Pretty Things. Highlighting both the feminine and tough side of women, it is not odd to see a chunky necklace with a demure four leaf clover charm right next to a bullet.

Dirty Pretty Things Jewelry hosted an exclusive fashion event introducing the dangerous designs of the Medea Maple/Marie Neville collections. The event was held at Suite Sixx Nightclub in Cleveland's Warehouse District on June 24 and featured a night of high fashion and cutting-edge jewelry.

Dirty Pretty Things Jewelry event in Cleveland

Their "Beauty is Pain" pendant - a gold plated knife charm - has been seen and photographed on Beyonce. Additional pieces have names such as Guarded Heart, Beautifully Tragic , Russian Roulette and Heavy Heart Silver.

The line has been covered in the Plain Dealer and on various television shows, including cable's TLC.

Dirty Pretty Things Jewelry

There are pearls and skulls, guns and hearts, angel wings, locks with keys and even rosary beads with a prayer charm and a bullet.

These ladies are definitely making a statement and inviting you to make one too. Check out their line at Dirty Pretty Things Jewelry.

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